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Sonnet II: Rebirth

Still, this fearsome sibylline wonder falls
Silent to her very parting lips.
Her soft, resilient splendour candid dips
Below her barren, naked, winter halls

The silent wind who lulls; a stolid wall– 74 more words


Intro 2: The Call

Not truly spooky…
Though the last called out to me.
To write this sequel.


Sonnet I: Death

Within the misted shrouds of Erin’s dark
And fertile land–so dark, the magic there–
The Lady courseth through the land and air
Where no man shall her baneful music hark. 94 more words


Intro 1: Mysterious Dark

I’m afraid this is
About as scary a thing
As ever I write:


Edges of the World

Written for The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #174

Words:  demimonde, transgression, rites, asylum, gray, candle, Africa, myself, oranges, grand, reborn

Transgressions of the demimonde
cut a swath of gray across… 53 more words

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