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Better to keep your mouth shut rather than opening it and removing all the doubt.


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What will it take to create a simple interaction domino effect?

Can a simple hello create a chain reaction? Let’s see what happens. Feedback,comments,replies,etc. are HIGHLY encouraged!


Nuance: Dancing with Light

In this new short from Marc-Antoine Locatelli, dancer Lucas Boirat is seen battling with various geometric forms of light that launch and morph as part of a carefully choreographed dance that marries human motion with motion graphics. 18 more words


This has seriously negative effects on readers

Using the wrong word can have negative effects on readers. Just consider how this misused word on yahoo.com affects your opinion of the site:


Research into the optical effects of animated GIFs

Some animated GIFs that I made in order to investigate the optical possibilities and effects of the medium. These GIFs are fairly basic, but I plan to progressively make more complex animations.


Trade Show Marketing Can Have a Huge Effect on Your Bottom Line

More and more companies are recognizing the need for trade show marketing. However, many of those same companies are recognizing that when done right, trade show marketing can have a huge effect on your bottom line.