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Photoshop: How to Make a Stunning, Glossy Black Text Effect

Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to create a stunning, sleek, glossy black text effect over distressed metal with a custom-beveled border. Royalty Free…
by Internet Archive Book Images… 17 more words

Heart-related mortality in men on ADT: a current perspective

A newly published study in BJU International suggests (unsurprisingly) that androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is associated with an increased risk of death among men with such cardiovascular conditions as congestive heart failure or prior heart attacks. 660 more words


The Cheerios Effect

Perhaps I’m reading too much into this but I saw a Cheerios commercial and it said that no matter what, the famous cereal will “connect” with one another, that once you pour the milk into the bowl, the cereal will be pulled together by gravity and be joined with one another. 243 more words


Human interaction can be understood through the psychology of design, how we as a society develop which help with the concepts of new design through observational studies to determine the best outcome of a design, and how we as humans are attracted to certain aspects of a design. 122 more words


The Ripping Effect

Breaking my spirit was needed more than the damage done to my body.

My broken body mended from injuries some self-imposed externally bandaged for all to see. 172 more words



What does it do?
Allows the developer to set which Terrain Tags are quicksand.
Player will start sinking in quicksand. If death option is set to true player will get a game over screen after sinking completely. 39 more words

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