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Using Iris Blur

Working with Pins and Modifying the Blur and Transition Areas

STEP ONE: Open The road to Heaven image, Right-click the Background layer, and choose Convert to Smart Object. 1,456 more words


Achieve a Stunning Moody Look

the best way to achieve a stunning moody look by using carefully directed light and shadow, the play of warm and cool colors, and subtle introduction of atmospheric effects like mist.Throughout today’s tutorial, we’ll work with} Photoshop’s blend modes, filters, and masks to transform a portrait from ordinary to mysteriously charming. 885 more words


On Designing Audio Effect PlugIns in C With Digital

Looking for awesome wordpress plugins to enhance your website?There are hundreds of plugins readily available for you to install to your wordpress, and most of them do a fantastic task doing what they do. 342 more words


Cause and Affect

Treasures In The Garden


The voice that will motivate is within you…….  

 Win peace-

Win freedom-

Control only that which you have control over-

your own thoughts… 30 more words

Abundance Of Golden Opportuinity

LEARN: The Butterfly Effect

The word was coined by Edward Lorenz.
It is described as the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. 88 more words


The Bestseller Effect

Interesting article from Seth Godin:

There are two markets for books (and music).

The first market are grazers, collectors or omnivores. They make the market happen.

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