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I FIND IT AMUSING THAT THERE IS SO MUCH PRISSY FRETTING, in the present photographic age, about the manipulation of images, as if there is, or has ever been, a “pure” photography that comes full-born from the camera like Athena sprang from Zeus’ forehead. 588 more words


Sci-Fi Weapons FX (by @jessen_p)

Video baru nih!!! Gagal nyelesain lirik video gara2 filenya ilang 😭 Pas banget ngeliat tutorial di Youtube cara bikin effect Sci-fi keren bgt….. Kebetulan juga Adek gw baru beli mainan tembakan yaudah nyobain bikin 😜 35 more words


Idea: Analysing the Shadow blister effect

I desperately need a new Arduino UNO board (my old one burned wile recording UV levels outside (I live in Spain, pretty sunny)) <- Wait is that a double parenthesis? 352 more words

Episode 79- two weeks of life in France- a little bit of work

Renovation, restoration, relaxation-

As we need and must have a proper rest we didn’t do a lot on the French trip.

I did finish the seven layered paint effect in the terrace bedroom and yes, it was worth it. 240 more words

Renovation And Restoration Diary- France

Know Thyself

The mastermind continued the discussion on cause and effect when asked the core question, “How do you respond to your feelings?”.  New ideas were realized during this topic of discussion which helped us grow a little more in our journey to personal success.   262 more words

Your Wish Is Your Command