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Photoshop Photo Manipulation: Splatter Effect



Decided to share this quick tutorial that could help you all make a boring old photograph a little more interesting!


You'll Market Better and Be More Persuasive Knowing These 10 Brain Facts

If you throw a frog into boiling water, it’ll jump straight out. However, if it’s placed in cold water and the temperature gradually increased, it’ll be found dead without any attempt to escape. 1,435 more words


Whistle Stop Coffee Shop and Cafe'

Please help me welcome our newest addition Keli Capps. Starting next week, the Whistle Stop Coffee Shop and Cafe will have one of the best baker and chef this mountain has ever experienced!  141 more words

Manipulation - The Great Enemy?

Decades ago, Pepsi launched an advertising campaign that had people drink Pepsi and Coke from two different cups that were label-less and had them decide which drink they preferred. 707 more words


And Then The Butterfly Flapped Its Wings

♦♦♦ Part I – Peter ♦♦♦

It’s like the entire Universe is against me, he thought to himself. Last night Nina blew him off, ruining his perfect plans for their second date. 1,400 more words

Loré Dombaj

4 channels – Swiss safety

Continuously increasing safety
standards forced us to extend our
product range by adding a
technology, which meets these
international guidelines. Our 4-
channel technology is based on Hall… 27 more words