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Mandated Drug Rehab in St. Louis Is Effective for Problematic Seniors

A loved one’s advanced years may be a trying period for them, and in some cases, it might lead them to seek solace in banned substances. 140 more words

What Am I Really Asking?

I’ve been in this whole season of questioning.

The more I try not to think about things, the deeper I get in the thoughts of my day. 536 more words

Stubbornly Courageous

Day 11-Movie Night

Having movie marathon on Disney classic animation movies. So for the entire hours while I’m sitting quietly while enjoying the movie, anti-acne toner becomes an addition. 57 more words

An Effective Gentle Dentist Can Help Alleviate Your Fear of Dentists

In addition, a recent study published by the Journal of the American Dental Association found out that those who have experienced gagging during their dental procedures are most likely to fear dentists in the long run. 53 more words

I bring a creative, integrated, and rigorous approach to amplifying and leveraging your good work. With a firm footing in the present, we build a tribe that is actively engaged in your future. 16 more words


Should you use mediation for your divorce?


Mediation is a quick, inexpensive, fair and effective way to resolve conflict without costly legal proceedings. It is a confidential and private problem-solving process in which the parties use a trained, neutral mediator to help them reach agreement. 116 more words

Alternative Dispute Resolution