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What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Cannabis?

Cannabis has many different long-term effects that everyone should be aware of. A lot of people up to now still do not believe in the fact that cannabis can cause long-term harm. 271 more words

Definition of Marijuana

Made up of dried up leaves and Cannabis sativa’s inflorescence, marijuana is known as the Indian hemp as well. Colors vary from brown, green or gray. 307 more words

Information On Cannabis' Short-Term And Long-Term Effects

Cannabis is called by different names. It is also known as marijuana, pot, weed, grass, or ganja. When smoked, it causes various kinds of effects that may be harmful or beneficial to the body. 258 more words

Marijuana Negative Effects On The Youth

According to research, young people are very prone to becoming addicted to illegal drugs. Do you know what the most common drug to them is? Marijuana. 291 more words

Medical Marijuana Benefits - Anorexia

Medical marijuana has been used by human beings for so long now. In the different ancient civilizations in Asia , medical marijuana was used to treat different kinds of illnesses. 288 more words