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Cannabis Poisoning: Was Marijuana The Cause of Death of Gemma Moss

A young mother of three died after she was poisoned by the cannabis she smoked to help her get to sleep. Gemma Moss, 31, was killed by the level of the drug in her blood, an inquest heard.The regular churchgoer, who was found dead in her bedroom, is thought to be the first woman in Britain known to have died directly from cannabis poisoning.  693 more words


What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Cannabis?

Cannabis has many different long-term effects that everyone should be aware of. A lot of people up to now still do not believe in the fact that cannabis can cause long-term harm. 271 more words

Definition of Marijuana

Made up of dried up leaves and Cannabis sativa’s inflorescence, marijuana is known as the Indian hemp as well. Colors vary from brown, green or gray. 307 more words