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Ocean Acidification Can Lead to Other Global Climate Disruptions

Oceans absorb a large portion of the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. This is can potentially cause our atmosphere to be affected as well. 54 more words


Frame Magazine Retail Store in Amsterdam Combining 2D and 3D Visual Effects

i29 interior architects where asked to design the a second retail store for Frame Magazine in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. i29 proposed a radical concept; 2 shops in one, 2 contradictory experiences in one space.  12 more words

Cocaine effects on the brain – Video

What you are seeing is the brain of a mouse, made transparent and observable by a revolutionary technique called Clarity and invented by researchers at Stanford University. 144 more words

Interstellar: A Brief Review

Interstellar is a fascinating movie, from the point of view of visual effects, sound, and plot. Read on for a brief intro (no spoilers), a glance at the stunning visual effects and riveting score. 443 more words

Computer Generation

A day in the life of a creative something something.

ONE o’clock . Thats the time I left the office yesterday.  And if you’re thinking to yourself where do you sign up, let me clarify this. 713 more words


Impacts on Economy

The growing economy is having more and more issues each day. Ocean acidity is contributing to those issues. The acidic oceans are changing our ecosystem by affecting our resources and income. 157 more words