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Sex and gender

The word “sex” here means what it does on your driver’s license or passport: are you male or female?  For the most part, this is a question of biology and can be answered at birth: Are you an egg or a sperm producer?  512 more words


How Did I Get Here? Part Three: And if You Say 'Hey, Go Away,' I Will

Now that my eyes had been opened, I searched for Tim Curry in other places than that one VHS tape. I learned that I had known him before, in… 1,523 more words

Rocky Horror

How Did I Get Here, How the Hell? Pan Left... Part 1

If you’re wondering how it is I ended up in a throuple with two metrosexual, bisexual men — that part is all my fault. Certain disapproving parties prefer to believe that I have been entrapped, or tricked, so as to allow two gay men to conduct their gay business under my naive (and thus approving) nose while I provide them with love, support, and a beard (if I may). 879 more words


In a porn cinema the dividing line between gay and straight blurs and it is very dark in there as well

In a porn cinema the dividing line between gay and straight blurs, and it is very dark in there as well; this is something “normal” people don’t understand. 98 more words

Real Men Wear Buns

“20 Man Buns That Will Ruin You For Short-Haired Guys”

“Fuck Yeah, Men with Buns”

“The 25 Greatest Man Buns In The History of Hair” 90 more words


The Incongruencies of Homosexual Attraction

I am puzzled as to the claims homosexuals make about being born in a certain way. If gay men are attracted to men… why do… 283 more words

Harry Styles: Queer Icon

It may not surprise you to hear that I spend a lot of time thinking about Harry Styles. (How does he get his curly hair to be so shiny?) You should probably think about him, too, because he is a Very Interesting Person. 891 more words