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Product Showdown: Squares vs. Rounds

Beyond the basic needs for a food storage container that is going to help keep food safe from cross-contamination, extend the shelf life of food and withstand heavy usage, many operators don’t realize that the shape of the container is an important factor to consider as well. 476 more words


Win A Fabric Layout Book + Three Yards Of Efficiency Piqué by DIY Decor Projects Blog

Interested in studying how to generate your own gorgeous textile patterns? Laurie Wisbrun’;s book Mastering the Ar2rk of Fabric Printing and Design is an outstanding resource for all items fabric design.  27 more words

Energy Efficient Appliances

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, if every household uses energy-efficient major appliances, the need to build up to 25 power plants could be deferred. 189 more words

Renewable Energy

The Hard Facts on Paper

We know that going paperless saves money, time, and trees. To better understand how much you can save, first think about the amount of paper you’re using now, and check out the graphic above with some quick facts on paper usage in the United States. 179 more words


The Importance of Sleep

Online, I’m always finding somebody encouraging writers to basically write non-stop. ‘Just write.’ is the all-encompassing answer for writer woes that makes me cringe.

Encouraging people to write is good, but not at the sacrifice of eating, sleeping, living, and doing anything else. 462 more words

Alberta's Inefficiency Highlighted by Unproductivity

A new study was recently released which showed that Alberta had the highest unproductivity rates compared to other North American jurisdictions. Although the province’s growth is high, it has been driven by increases in labour, rather than improvements in productivity of individual workers. 272 more words


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is written by Stephen Covey.
Below are the 7 habits mentioned in the book :-
  1.  Be Proactive
  2.  Begin with the End in Mind…
  3. 18 more words