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Effort and effortless

The effort of life
Each year of our life
All to consuming
As strangers we become
We know it
But when we say goodbye
A gleaming shape floats by… 154 more words


Sealed & Patent

I don’t want this post to seem like it was just thrown together, but….it sort of was :/ Don’t judge me! I didn’t spend tons of time shooting, editing and making my photos perfect, I just wanted to show my outfit of the day :) 323 more words


Why Simple Does Not Mean Easy! Stop The Confusion While Increasing Your Private Energy

Self-Awareness is a procedure through which you get to understand your self better. Then you’re able to understand what controls your attitudes, thinking, responses and actions and drive you to sabotage your relationships. 473 more words


Day Three Hundred: Fountain

Spiritual consolations flow easily here from the Source of life itself, from the koilia of Christ, living water pouring into the basin of our hearts so that we may never thirst again. 86 more words

Man-made Objects

Nothing belongs to me

Not so long ago I moved into a new apartment. Lately I have been painted the walls and slowly added new thing to the apartment. The other day I replaced the curtain in the livingroom with one really seems to fit the color of the walls, and when the cleaning lady came, she said: »Now it looks like you have made it (the apartment) yours«. 410 more words

Modern Spirituality

Casual Winter Sunday

Hello lovelies! How was your week so far? Cold? Thought so! I cannot even wear skirts no more because it is so damn cold in England! 284 more words


Rainwater Down The Mountainside

I sit here in front of a blank screen attempting to stumble upon the right words to say. The wrong ones could give people the wrong impression. 98 more words