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Hopes And Efforts Work Together

Always keep your hopes alive but we have to make sure were putting forth effort to bring them life….. Enjoy Your Journey…. Darlene


Enslaved by habits

On the epitaph of a noble soul, read the lines

“Herein lies the soul of the one who couldn’t get up at 5, and hence life pushed him into eternal darkness” 1,035 more words


Things I learned from living together

I know it is way too soon, but we can never know what is going to happen. So here we are, staying in the same roof, sharing the same bed, waking up to sunshine every morning even if there is a storm. 605 more words


Games People Play

Oh my my so much of noise and chaos in the system. The other day i was with one of my friend having a general conversation on what’s up in her day in day out life. 257 more words


Failure is not when you don’t achieve… Not everyone is always lucky…
But failure is when later on you feel that you could have put more efforts… 159 more words

Spinning Your Wheels...

I read the very small book of Haggai this morning. To me, the following passage (Haggai 1:5) is the ultimate description of “spinning your wheels” (moving but going nowhere)… I picture a hamster running in a wheel. 166 more words


Feelings cut both ways

To us humans, having feelings is a part of us. Feelings are a natural incentive of human behavior and probably the main determinant of being happy. 414 more words

Ways To Better Your Life