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From the Ropes of Restraints to the Ropes of Bonding

I’m tied with the ropes of material nature, so some Krishna Leelas attract me more than others. To those who are completely drowned in His pure love, all His Leelas are ecstatic. 867 more words

Simplified Efforts - Making Life Simpler

I spent some time yesterday with a couple that I have known for more then 10 years. They are a great Christian couple and they are on the edge of retirement and living a simpler life following what God has put on their hearts. 569 more words



I will re-read this in 2015 and realize that things did change. At least I applied and  my efforts will be seen as time passes :)

change the way you think

the things you think you can’t do are the things you should try and do. let the insecurities, doubts, and worry fall through the cracks and solidify life with efforts- failed or accomplished – live life as you, the best you you can be. and try.

-Allison Ryder


British MPs back recognition of Palestine - Europe - Al Jazeera English

British MPs back recognition of Palestine

Motion adopted 274-2 by House of Commons urges government to “recognise state of Palestine alongside state of Israel”.

Last updated: 13 Oct 2014 23:07… 317 more words

Made in Northeast Ohio: Technologies House&#39s 3D printing efforts continue to ...

Made in Northeast Ohio: Technologies Home&#39s 3D printing efforts continue to …
Gear runs the Technology Residence, an additive manufacturing or 3D printing company. It&#39s a field that&#39s receiving a lot of attention the previous couple of years for producing makers a one-stop shop. 136 more words

What Is Strategic Planning?

Strategy is best summed up by Walt Disney as “Get a good idea and stay with it and work at it until its done right” 156 more words