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US Efforts to Stand-up Afghan Air Force Still Falling Down

By POGO on Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Recently, POGO reported on the failed attempt to provide C-27A Spartan aircraft to the Afghans in order to fulfill their medium airlift requirements. 738 more words

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Service Devotion

Each one of us wants to become a satisfied in life, The question is how to attain this in this very present life. A little deep thinking and i could get that there is an innate need of helping someone to do a great job or good work or give back to the universe that has been abundant in its blessing. 240 more words

Can lying be good for you ?

If ever I told you lying was good for you, you probably wont believe me. But trust me it is true. There are two truths about lying. 528 more words


We are what we believe we are...

Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday. When we believe in something very deeply our lives begin to develop around it. 489 more words


The Mythology of Sex

“Our hope is that through the painstaking efforts and love invested by ourselves and our subjects we are able to reflect a fraction of our respect and admiration not only for art, but for humanity, individuality, uniqueness and the human experience as a whole.”




I’ve only got CIT, Economics (2), FES3 and Maths (re-sit) to study for. My term so far has been on an average. At first I thought this term would a lot easier than the other two terms, but I was wrong. 601 more words

I like to play the blame game, do you?

I like to play the blame game, so should you. It’s funny and exhilarating, pinning your failures onto others. Sometimes, it’s out of sheer disdain for those around ,that you try to pin your failures and acts of indiscretion onto others. 434 more words