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Friends sometimes ask me, “What are you doing?”

After moving to Florida a little over a year ago, I DID have trouble filling up my days and, to my detriment, I filled them with too much of too little and it usually centered around me and how sad I was about what I had left and lost and longed for. 332 more words

Why I'm Here


The Master’s Tools:
MY HUSBAND was trained as a toolmaker, working in the trade and perfecting his projects for 31 years. Often, it was necessary for him to fire metal and burn away excess in the forming of a tool. 347 more words


Don't even think about giving up!

When having ambitious goals, it can happen from time to time that we do all we could but still are not able to reach our goals. 662 more words

Ways To Better Your Life

Blog topic: Student’s Self-concept

Self-concept topic related to students. Have fun!

Academic Effort
Academic Engagement and Performance
Academic Functioning
Academic Self-Concept,
Among Peers
Changed Over Time
Children’s Academic Reputations… 27 more words


The 180º epiphany

During my attempt to write a book in 7 days, I had a wonderful “aha” moment. I believe I needed to see and feel my motivation to write a book in such a short time to realize my passion, my desire, and finally my burning desire. 264 more words


Writing a book in 7 days: In Hold

I believe people could write a book in 7 days, as Vic Johnson did in a weekend. I will try again but this time I will be prepared. 158 more words


Blog Topic: Organizational Leadership

Hi! I read a Tweet where someone was looking for topics to blog. I am writing my dissertation and, every day, I come across many topics and subtopics. 84 more words