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a time off from work, often used for studying, writing, doing research, or traveling
—My professor will not be teaching next year. He’s taking a sabbatical to finish writing his book. 360 more words



someone who is blamed for another’s wrongdoing
—The teacher refused to be made the scapegoat for the students poor grades.

God gave Moses instructions on how the people were to give their offerings and sacrifices. 487 more words



BrainBashers has a huge collection of games, quizzes, puzzles, riddles, illusions, word searches and more. The riddles and word puzzles are probably the best way to practice English, but the Sudoku-type puzzles and illusions will also give your brain some exercise. 30 more words

Language Learning

The Parsnip Lessons

When teaching is more than just teaching

This post is about what we do and our responsibility as teachers, beyond just language teaching.  It is about teaching higher levels and how the themes and content of our lessons can help to build a space in which students can share their views and beliefs openly and honestly without fear of judgement.  3,748 more words

Business English quizzes

Some students told me yesterday that they want to practice more Business English. Here’s a site that has many, many (many, many) quizzes for grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs and more. 66 more words

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The Noble Profession

In my educational background, I’ve had a few really bad teachers, but I’ve had far more amazing ones. Those teachers really shaped my future and the way I see the world. 1,370 more words