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Add Fuel to the Fire.

Idiom: Add fuel to the fire.

Meaning: To make a bad situation worse.

Example: John was embarrassed. Peter laughed at him, adding fuel to the fire.



Me my mine

Learning English takes practice. And some more practice. And then a little more. Instead of filling up notebooks and scribbling on endless reams of paper, I’m big on “recycling” resources. 183 more words


Come Little Children

This month we will have Medieval times as a thematic core for our workshops.

“Come little children”, a beautiful folk song in the magnificent version by… 31 more words

Cuentacuentos En Inglés

Against the Clock.

Idiom: Against the clock.

Meaning: Short on time, rushed.

Example: I have to submit my report by 12 o’clock, I am working against the clock



Fruit CHOP

I used this as a revision activity the day after my Beginner student and I had been through the names of different fruits (with flash cards, translations and miming). 69 more words


Technology in TEFL

Over the past two decades, the world of EFL teaching and the world of technology have both exploded in terms of advancement, accessibility and modernisation.  As EFL teachers, we can only hope that as these worlds continue to intertwine, we are left with an abundance of engaging and useful technological tools to aid our teaching and more importantly, facilitate learning. 770 more words


Serious teachers

As I come close to my 20th anniversary of teaching English as a foreign language I can’t help but reflect on the nature of this business and the quality of the people that join its ranks. 260 more words