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golden calf

something, such as wealth, that is pursued as if it were the object of worship; something that is greatly honored or revered
—Too many people chase after the golden calf of riches, only to find that it doesn’t make them truly happy. 459 more words


holy of holies

a sacred place that inspires awe
—While many people have seen the kitchen at the restaurant, only I was invited to visit the holy of holies, the special area where the chef creates his secret recipes. 354 more words


take someone’s name in vain

to speak critically about someone; to say a person’s name without giving the proper respect to him or his ideals
—Professor Smith was a great teacher. 253 more words


Political Violence @ a Glance

Unfortunately, this week we’ve seen a lot of political violence in the news. They’re hard topics to research and discuss, but understanding the issues is important to understanding world politics and our place in it. 78 more words

Language Learning

Silent Disco is too Loud for Salzburg - Read, listen and learn a little English!

The city of Salzburg has refused to renew a licence for a silent disco after complaints that it was too loud and wild. At a silent disco people listen to music on…

179 more words

The Power of Animal Connections

In my work with equine facilitated learning, a form of therapeutic work with horses, I’ve seen first hand how life-changing our connection with animals can be. 449 more words


The choose-your-own-projects Project

At the end of each unit of their book, my students do a group project. I find that projects are a great way for them to collaborate, create, and show off what they have learned from the unit. 523 more words