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The Noble Profession

In my educational background, I’ve had a few really bad teachers, but I’ve had far more amazing ones. Those teachers really shaped my future and the way I see the world. 1,370 more words


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should students work part time?

When I was at school, getting a job after school or in the weekend was what everyone was after, that way you could buy whatever you wanted (without your parents suspecting), and feel you had earned it!  96 more words


Hello! drawing app series

Hello Chalk, Hello Crayon, Hello Color Pencil and Hello Oil Painting make up a series of free iOS and Android apps that you can use to help you explain words and ideas in class, or to make fun drawings to add to your portfolios. 68 more words

Language Learning

Wordle Wednesday: Languages

This week’s Wordle Wednesday is all about the languages that are spoken across the World. Most of us know that currently the World’s Population is around about 6,800,596,862 people. 58 more words


History & Politics Out Loud

Listen to famous historical and political speeches on History & Politics Out Loud. Find background information and famous speeches from presidents, civil rights leaders, and also Lou Gehrig’s famous speech. 57 more words

Language Learning

Video in ELT: Moving from Passive to Active Part 4 – Annotating (Social Asynchronous Webinar)

Welcome to part 4 of the Social Asynchronous Webinar (SAW) “Video in ELT: Moving from Passive to Active”. You can find all of the posts on this webinar here… 69 more words

Vacation vocabulary: Today's video

So, today is the 22nd of July, and you know what that means, right? Hot weather? No! This is when everyone starts heading out for holidays! 19 more words

Learning And Living English