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Finding photographs and cliparts for EFL lessons

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time designing new course materials. One of the biggest headaches has been looking for photographs and cliparts which can be used without potentially breaching copyright or the need to buy stock photography. 236 more words


IELTS Reading (mini-tip) - what order do you answer questions in?

Let’s think about tasks such as True / False / Not Given, sentence completion and short answer questions. You will find that the answers can be found in the text  1,108 more words


Half band scores in IELTS, and why did they come about?

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This is a relatively new thing actually.

It really came about because the Speaking and the Writing tasks were extremely difficult to assess, so the IELTS examination board decided to make a new ruling. 183 more words


Wordle Wednesday: Weather

The British are obsessed with the Weather and this is why I decided that this week’s Wordle Wednesday topic is weather. I am a big fan of the weather; it is an interesting topic. 80 more words


Interruptions | A meeting skills activity

Interruptions … it’s something most my learners struggle with and it’s a skill they require daily because no one in a corporate setting can escape attending at least one meeting a day, if not more. 641 more words

Teaching teens - setting the tone

Teenage students studying on short language courses have many different expectations of their study experience will be like. So do their parents. There are a number of small, yet effective, things which you can do in the lessons and which can help to make all the difference to the students’ experience. 211 more words


TELL ME: What makes your LIFE EXCITING?

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I have to say that really it wasn’t until I hit 30 that I truly realized what made my life exciting. Up until then I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do, and I don’t mean following my family expectations or anything like that, it was following something I wanted to do. 102 more words