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We don’t have it. Not really.

We are often presented many options in life, but truly having an unhindered choice is rare. There are payoffs and trades that we all make for our choices. 506 more words


Women in the Church

Recently my church did something remarkable. In a quite conservative (politically) suburban church in the super-conservative Deep South of the USA, my church community elected a woman to the position of Chair of the Board. 1,705 more words

On Complementarianism

Today I’m writing about something that has been on my mind for the last couple of years. It is the concept of male leadership in marriage, and, in general, the idea of complementarian marriage. 3,091 more words

When feminism begins stripping the equality and rights of men, is it still 'feminism'?

I examined the aforesaid issue a while ago on Facebook in light of a comment made by Whoopi Goldberg on The View.

‘If you hit somebody, you cannot be sure if you are not going to be hit back!’  652 more words

Patrolling the boundaries of evangelicalism

Now that Acts 29 have asked Mark Driscoll to leave their organisation maybe this post (from 2013) is no longer valid? Or does the central accusation still have some truth to it? 417 more words


Sliding Across Genders, Waxing on Feminism

I remember standing in a line and noticing a guy in front of me had a pornographic image of a woman for the wallpaper on his cellphone. 1,323 more words