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So Much More, p. 15-22 - Part 4: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

As anyone familiar with gender debates can tell you, a prominent theme in many of these discussions is whether or not there are inherent differences between men and women, what these differences are, and where they come from. 2,398 more words

Pinterest and the Fairer Sex

These days an online presence is an important part of self-marketing, so I’ve dutifully joined a plethora of social media sites. My favorite right now is… 528 more words


Taking A Closer Look: Sapphira and Male Headship (Acts 5:1-11)

It is taught in some Christian denominations today that women are to be subject/submitted to their husbands in all things. It is not unusual to hear of instances where women have suffered domestic violence or other abuses of human rights within their marriages even while church leadership encourages them to continue ‘submitting’ to such behaviour. 1,027 more words

Christian Women

Noticing when the glasses fall off

Although I am now a user experience designer with the Yale Student Developers, and have always seen myself as a very user-centred person – whether I’m programming or drawing a magazine cover – I haven’t been doing this quite long enough that this way of thinking is  965 more words

User Experience

A Future Genealogy

Donna Markale and Alexi Baker got married.  They wanted to be egalitarian of course, so they hyphenated their names.  They had a daughter named Jean. 84 more words


Banning Bossy

There’s a movement going around called “Ban Bossy” where people are asked to stop calling girls bossy and encourage them to be leaders.

I have a problem with this. 557 more words

Growing Up