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Announcing the formation of our co-leader community

We are creating a community of practice for individuals with an interest in being a new breed of leader: collective leading, shared leading, co-leading, or eco-egalitarian leadership. 41 more words

Evolution Of Leading

Rojava: The Syrian Secret Revolution

The self-proclaimed sovereign state of Rojava lies within Syria’s national borders and is yet to be recognised as an independent nation, however it is economically self-sustaining and politically independent. 728 more words


Of immigration, and its consequences

The British Labour Party, the party which boasted in e-mails amongst themselves that they would ”rub the right’s noses in diversity” by means of mass immigration, has now been… 484 more words

The Filipino at His Worst

“Ridicule is a common feature of the Filipino character. It is an element of “amoral interdependence”, or the crablike way Filipinos deride others to raise themselves up. 252 more words

Russell Brand is Not a Hypocrite

Over the last year, British comedian Russell Brand has fashioned himself into something of a champion for the little guy–for poor and marginalized people in society. 1,369 more words


Again With the Persecution?

I just read an article from the Daily Caller regarding another story of a “bigoted” florist that refused to sell flowers for a gay wedding.  I really can’t say that this story is news because it happens so frequently nowadays.   592 more words