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Homework due Friday, 11/21

Final drafts of Rawls essays are due Friday, 11/21. Don’t forget to self-critique before printing – check for spelling, capitalization and other mechanical issues, in addition to the content.

Homework And Classwork

A Matter of Expectancies

We agree with the opinion that radical social discontent is strongly related to a disappointment of expectancies. The relation emerges from the observation that the most extremist activists are not the most disadvantageous people in society but persons who have a relative wealthy social background and a high level of education. 480 more words

Political Thought

Homework due Thursday, 11/20

1. Complete the Rawls argument by writing the last body paragraph and the conclusion. Don’t forget to print the entire essay so it can be critiqued. 18 more words

Homework And Classwork

International Men's Day

Okay, so I’m writing this primarily because the venomous spew of a Facebook status update by a certain person and the subsequent responses. It starts with her saying how the International Men’s Day seems to be a cruel joke to a man-hater like her. 745 more words


Advanced Egalitarianism: The Indus Valley Civilization

…The social conditions of the citizens were comparable to those in Sumeria and superior to the contemporary Babylonians and Egyptians.

…neither sculptures of rulers nor depictions of battles and military campaigns have been found, evidence pointing in either direction is not conclusive. 82 more words


Women in the Church: Why I am an Egalitarian (part 4)

Women in the Church: Why I am an Egalitarian

Part 4: Women as Leaders in the Bible (NT)

Today I continue my list of ten significant women in the Bible. 759 more words