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The chocolate cake

Growing up, my mum was famous for her chocolate cake. So much so that it was known simply as ‘The Chocolate Cake’.

It was the base for most (if not all!) of mine and my brother’s birthday cakes and it made an appearance at a lot of special family occasions. 233 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Pumpkin pan bread

My little Harry has a serious infatuation with bread. He would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day if he was allowed! In fact recently when I was writing our menu and shopping list I asked the kids for their input and Harry’s response was “Mummy, I’ve told you what I like; bread, salt, cake, butter and enchiladas. 415 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Chocolate and Strawberry pinwheel cookies

These are pinched and adapted from a recent episode of Better Homes and Gardens …¬†yep -¬†raging Friday nights in my house ;)

I’m not even going to pretend they are healthy, but they are a delicious sometimes treat … especially, if like me, you have a little princess in your house who loves anything pink! 348 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Pumpkin and choc nut butter muffins

Sadly, I spoke too soon about little George’s skin and he seems to be following the same path as the 3 bigger kids. So I am back on a strict elimination diet to try and find the cause of his skin flare ups. 189 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Chicken, leek and vegetable soup

This soup is adapted from one suggested to me by a friend from the ‘Bikini Body Cookbook 4′ … whilst that is not my aim, I do appreciate that this is a hearty, healthy meal! 308 more words

Egg Free Recipe

French style Banana Toast

This is a recent addition to our ‘special breakfasts’ and it is a hit!

  • 2 overripe bananas, very well mashed
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon…
  • 93 more words
Egg Free Recipe

Beef, barley and lentil stew

I love winter time – the cold, grey days give me energy … I know, I’m strange!

One of the things I love is making delicious comfort food that warms and fills you up. 153 more words

Egg Free Recipe