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Pizza scrolls

My kids really love the Cheeseymite scrolls I make, and they also loooove pizza. So here’s my mix of the two for something a bit different. 212 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Sticky Chilli chicken wings

These are one of our Summer favourites.

Only 2 ingredients required and last time I made them I did it one-handed in 5 minutes whilst I was holding a sad baby … so it gives you an idea of how easy they are! 84 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Herb buttered Lemon Salmon

Our big boys went to a school disco the other night so after making very simple dinners for the 2 little ones, Peter and I got to enjoy a grown up dinner. 150 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Summer jewel salad

I love summer salads – fresh and juicy and bursting with flavour. The perfect accompaniment to Aussie bbq’s.

This is a super simple one and so pretty to look at … William thinks the seeds look like jewels and I tend to agree! 29 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Taco Steak with Mexican Bean Salad

This is a super-easy idea that I pinched from my Mum. Sadly the kids don’t enjoy it much but Peter and I have loved it … and its left overs for multiple days afterwards! 138 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Best-ever Allergy-friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious, easy, fast, frugal, healthyish, and friendly to your special-diet friends: these may be the only chocolate-chip cookies you ever need to make!

This really, truly isn’t a recipe blog, and I have no special expertise, but I got so excited about these biscuits I had to write about it somewhere. 970 more words


'Muscle' Bread

My kids all love bread, so I have been working on one that suits their allergy needs but also packs in extra goodies without them knowing it. 524 more words

Egg Free Recipe