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Nut Butter Substitute - 'Free Nut Butter'

Peanut butter was a staple for me growing up – I loved it and have missed it a lot since out house went mostly nut free. 363 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Chocolate pudding cups

Oh my goodness – these are phenomenal! I have seen so many versions going around of cakes in mugs and my kids were begging for cake … and less than 10 minutes after we decided to bake they were scoffing them down! 135 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Tiny teds

It’s getting close to the end of holiday and return to school time for my 2 biggest munchkins … sob!

So I have been thinking ahead to lunchboxes again. 247 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Date, chic pea and free nut butter cookies

I have recently become the owner of a second-hand Bellini Kitchen Master. For those who’ve not heard of it before, it is the Thermomix’s (very much) less expensive cousin. 379 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Raw Beetroot Salad

We had a particularly successful crop of beetroot from our veggie garden this year – and I was a bit stuck as to what to do with them. 208 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Mango, Ginger and Lime ice cream

Yesterday was hot in Perth. Really hot. Over 44C. Not very pleasant at all.

Thankfully, we were able to beat the heat because my very generous parents shared their delightful pool with us … and we took this sweet icy treat along. 93 more words

Egg Free Recipe

Banana 'nut' butter icecream

Happy New Year!

New Year holidays in Australia are hot …. which, in our house, means the paddle pool in the backyard and icy treats! 114 more words

Egg Free Recipe