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The Diary of Egg O- Rabbit Notes

Mug Shot of Prisoner 02

  • Name-Spud Bravas
  • Crime- Disorderly behaviour including unspecified underground activities
  • Height- 12 centimetres
  • Weight-  62g
  • Girth- Lumpy and tuberous…
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Egg Shells

The Diary of Egg O- Rabbit Notes

Notes on Prisoner 01 by The Rabbits

  • Name- Egg O
  • Crime- Speeding in a Slipper Car, resulting in the injury of a Panda pedestrian…
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Egg Shells

Egg Breaking News

It’s always good to practice photography basics and I thought I would try the photograph an egg exercise. The exercise I often see at photography schools is to light an egg. 920 more words

The Diary of Egg O- Jan 22nd

Hush! I have spent the last two days keeping my head down.

Occasionally I have prodded Spud with a fork but so far no response. To tell the truth I am feeling a bit lonely. 263 more words

Egg Shells

The Diary of Egg O- Jan 19th

The Rabbits are still full of the joys of carrots and have not noticed how quiet it is in our cell. Spud has not moved. It really is a nuisance. 123 more words

Egg Shells


I have found this great site where Mary and Tim Vidra talk in their  17Apart blog about starting their seeds in pots, as you do, to have the seedlings ready to transplant either into bigger pots or out in the open ground. 188 more words

Egg Cartons

The Diary of Egg O-Jan 16th

Today I took Spud to one side and began to whisper in his ear.

All day the Rabbits have not been  themselves. By which I mean it is World Carrot day so they have been totally preoccupied and crazy. 198 more words

Egg Shells