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Are Egg Shells a Sun Screen for Birds?

The eggshells of wild birds may act like “sunblock”, scientists have said.

A range of UK birds’ eggs showed adaptations in pigment concentration and thickness to allow the right amount of sun to reach the embryos inside. 435 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Container

: Container
“From “Don’t judge a book by its cover” to “Don’t look at the jug, but at what it contains” (an old Rabbinic saying), we’re constantly taught that the contents of things are more important than the vessels, wrappers, and boxes that hold them in place. 139 more words


Don't Throw Those Away Either!

Last summer, my husband and I started renting a house, and the landlord let us get chickens. I can totally say that it was one of the better life decisions we have made. 455 more words


Inexpensive Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides

Growing our own food is an adventure we look forward to everyday. Inevitably, one of us will look at each other or text each other during the day and ask when we want to go check on the garden. 605 more words

Egg Shell

Last weekend I did two long day hikes on the Aberdeen Coastal path. Technically only one was proper hiking off the surfaced path, and it was more like playing outside. 70 more words


Egg Information...Fun Fact Friday

During the week I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast, as it fits into my schedule the best. But on weekends, I love a big breakfast of eggs and my favorite morning meat (bacon or ham). 178 more words

Fun Fact Friday