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Egg Transfer Day

I can’t believe how quick it all happened this morning. After filling my bladder with 24 oz of fluid, I was in and out of the ultrasound room in 20 minutes. 404 more words

Post Egg Retrieval: Good News!

I received a phone call yesterday from the embryologist that the 4 eggs retrieved had all been fertilized. Yes-100% of the them. She said it was rare since most people lose a few here and there. 142 more words

Negative Beta

No need to say more.

So lost.

Where do we go from here?


Day 10 and Not a Trace

Today is the day I will tell Mr. Right. I haven’t mentioned one word about these tests to him yet in case it was too early. 245 more words


7 Days Post Transfer - Still Nothing


Tears and more tears. Clinging to a tiny shred of hope that it’s still too early, but what are the chances?

Where do we go from here? 32 more words


Feeling defeated

I tested. 6dp5dt (really 6dt, but it counts as 5). BFN. Not even a hint of anything, no chance of squinting to see a possible something. 59 more words


Ooh the Cramps!

4 days post transfer:

Only major symptom: Serious cramps starting a few hours ago.

Other than that not much to reports.

PIO shots are getting more painful, but still tolerable. 9 more words