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How many were fertilized?

I just got the call from the lab at our fertility clinic. I told me self I would not write until I told J the exciting news. 258 more words

The Journey's Of Our Family

All Systems Go!

Monitoring appt this morning!

Lining was an 8.1! As long as my blood work is ok, the transfer is ON!

The plan: Thaw 5 day 1 (2pn) embryos and grow out to day 5 blasts. 59 more words

Secondary Infertility


Morning monitoring today…

  • Good news – everything looks ok, Lining has 3 layers and looks nice.
  • Bad news – it’s not thick enough.

Transfer is now pushed off at least a week to give it some time to grow. 21 more words


Morning Monitoring - FET #2

Ultrasound looked good, waiting on bloodwork, but we should be good to go for a FET!

The plan so far: Estradiol 3x/day, evening dose vaginally once AF ends. 113 more words


Day 12 Post ER - Spotting!

AF is on her way!

I must straighten out what exactly how much we will be getting back in credit from the cancelled transfer and what this FET will be costing us. 78 more words


5 More!

5 more little embryos made it and became frozen blasts :-)

I was hoping for more, with so many retrieved, but I’m thankful for all the embryos we have. 47 more words


Life really does come full circle....and some pretty cool pictures.

We did our embryo transfer on Saturday August 2, 2014.  You have to go in with a full bladder, and for some reason that was REALLY hard for me. 555 more words