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IVF #3 Fertilization Report and the Plan - The 411

This morning, I waited patiently for my clinic to call with my fertilization report.  I had to go into the clinic at 11 am anyway to get my PIO shot instructional.  562 more words


Transfer #2

Today I had my second transfer.

The day started out pretty good actually. I woke up to a thunder storm going on (I know that may sound strange to most people but my favourite weather is rain and thunder). 860 more words

Blast off!!!

We got to the clinic this morning at 9ish. The appointment was 9:30 and I spent half an hour guzzling water! They didn’t actually call me until 10 and we went straight down to the transfer room. 621 more words


It's T-Day!!

It’s 7:22 and in just over 2 hours is my appointment for transfer! Those maybe babies will hopefully have done what they needed too and will be good to go. 159 more words


Headed for day 5

I got through to the embryologist. It was good news. Thank god.
All 5 of my maybe babies are still going strong so far.
We have 3 which are 8 cell grade 1 embryos and 2 which are 7 cell grade 1 embryos. 170 more words


A watched phone never rings.

You can guarantee when you are waiting for a call it doesn’t come until you are on the tube with no signal.
Yep that’s what has happened to me today.   166 more words


Where to start????

Where to start this blog?  I have so much to say and so many thoughts and it’s hard to know how to untangle them into any sensible understandable writings! 154 more words