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How Avoiding Eggs Could Help You Avoid Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is becoming a global pandemic. We know the consumption of eggs is related to the development of some other chronic diseases, what about diabetes? 420 more words


The monk, the egg, the devil and a key!

An old Cypriot tale:

The night before the Lent fast had begun a monk in charge of a monastery gave precise and very strict orders to his monks that no one should light a fire for forty days. 209 more words


5 Ways to Prevent a Soggy Pie Crust

Pie is such a perfect, happy marriage of flavors and textures: sweet, tart, or creamy filling layered over a rich, flaky crust. Keeping the crust from getting soggy and mushy, however, is a key part of pie making and what makes a really well-made pie stand out in the crowd.

61 more words
Tips And Tricks


My Nana died when I was 14. She gave me a suede brown shirt the year before she died. She taught me how to play poker. 466 more words

Chick and Bunny Wrapped Around a Cheese Sandwich Roll

Meant to make soboro last night… meant to make soboro the night before… Yes, I have perfected the art of procrastination to a point that I end up not making it at all! 64 more words


Bio and organic... Really?

Nowadays we ask each other, if what we are eating is really what it is supposed to be. Some of us try to be fair to ecology and look for sustainable products, avoid eating meat and only buy “bio” or organic products… What would my grandmother think, if she could see that everything healthy is now ‘bio’? 792 more words


Egg donor part 2

Now the donation part has begun – the medicine in my body.

Each evening I’m spraying hormones in my stomach which should give me more than just one egg or I hope it will. 135 more words

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