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Homemade Eggs Florentine

Brunch might be my favorite meal.  You can get up late and still eat “breakfast” food, and to top it all off, you can also have an late morning or early afternoon cocktail.   334 more words


English muffins

Silly me, I thought these were super difficult & tricky to make, a great hassle. Boy, have I been wrong. There is a bit of sports involved (kneading the dough by hand, very satisfying though) plus the wait while the dough proofs & rises, but that is all, I mean, you do not have to watch it. 971 more words


Marty's Market, Strip District, Pittsburgh

The Strip District is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Lots of restaurants and markets, bursting with local flavor. Authentic Pittsburgh goodness. I had brunch at… 191 more words


April's Eggs Florentine

“Florentine” seems to be the vague describer of anything with spinach.  I never knew that spinach and Florence were that closely connected but that seems to be the case.   292 more words


EZ & Moss, Holloway

Continuing the excruciatingly gradual gentrification of Holloway Road is the charming little vegetarian (and vegan-friendly) brunch spot EZ & Moss. It has all the first-world comforts a place needs to make you feel welcome before midday; a glass counter filled with homemade cakes, excellent flat whites, highbrow reading material and softly spoken, welcoming staff. 133 more words


Two Delicious Breakfasts at Jaegerhaus

Though the light breakfast from our hotel was adequate  for most days, we got really tired of the stale pastries and mandarin oranges. The breakfast never changed so it was a bit tiring, merely a filler until we found something better later on that morning. 604 more words

Restaurant Visits

Breakfast, or The True Splendor of the Egg

Various people have told me that every morning, upon waking, the first images that drift across their mindscape are the faces of their children/partners/loved ones/pets. The first thing I think of is breakfast. 945 more words