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Eggshells’ve fallen in.
The custard knows my inexperience.
The cheese comes out black.
The crust comes out dry.
I eat every bit of it
with bitter, spiteful satisfaction. 43 more words


Egg and Fluff

In my quest to deal with the slugs and snails that inhabit my plot I have come up with a new plan. Will it work?  I am not sure and this is not the best time of year to experiment, but the cold weather has not yet descended, so I am thinking of giving it a go around a strawberry plant for a week. 251 more words

Walking on Eggshells

Everything came very close to an end in these last couple days. To the point I began filling out divorce papers and had him look at child custody situations. 965 more words

Emotional Abuse

Womb Envy Wednesday - Cha cha cha changes - Turn and Face The Strange.

One major thought has been in my head this week, which I discussed in therapy today. It might make more sense if I explain the background first. 927 more words


CSAW CTF Quals 2014 - eggshells (100) writeup

Here is the link of the zip file and the question http://shell-storm.org/repo/CTF/CSAW-2014/Reverse_Engineering/eggshells-100/

The question is :

I trust people on the internet all the time, do you? 166 more words

Document 55

Document 55 is available exclusively on declassifiedpoetry.org!



I thought about you all of today,

From aisle 3 of Super T to underneath the MARTA bay, 134 more words


CSAW 2014 RE100 eggshells

Hello amigos….!!

This is my first write up I’m writing. I read many write ups and inspired but it takes much time to write my own write ups :). 117 more words

CTF Write-ups