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Bad Intentions

Now I’ve always striven to be my own personal enemy.

It’s part of this baffling idea that in order to persevere I need an equally challenging enemy to strike down my weaknesses. 436 more words



everyone is pretty much the same. everyone wants to make friends and to be accepted and everyone is to some degree scared of that not happening and everyone is just as vulnerable as you are in new social situations… 498 more words

A Vertigo for Stillness

Vertigo is the fear of falling.

Falling for what?

- – -

Thumbs twiddle, swiping a pixelated enemies or on a timed arithmetic based on multiples of 2. 256 more words


Healing & Forgiveness

The other day I was doing my daily meditation and while I was lying down quietly, I distinctly heard a familiar voice, that of one of my spirit guides.  889 more words

Energy Healing

It's Not Me ... It's Not Me ... It's Them

So, as my Facebook news feed has been making unequivocally and poignantly obvious for the last twenty-four hours or so … the membership of the UMass marching band community is marking the fourth anniversary of the passing of George Parks. 1,010 more words


Loving the self

Many have seen a movie where the principal character is suddenly thrust into the role of pretending to be someone they’re not. Tension builds as each new plot twist has the protagonist coming ever closer to being found out.  560 more words