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The Watcher

“The goal is to be the observer of your thoughts and not let your thoughts control you.” ~Deepak Chopra

Durante el día puse un vigilante a los pensamientos para guardar mi ser. 248 more words


Defending Ego

The Ego gets blamed for a lot.  When we find someone offensive we often say they have a big ego.  On the other hand, when people stay in bad relationships, harmful situations, even dangerous living conditions, we say they need to stand up for themselves and develop a healthy ego. 684 more words


Punt/Counterpunt: #Selfie

This is first in a new series of posts I’m calling Punt/Counterpunt. In this provocative new regular feature, I tackle the tough societal issues of the day. 578 more words


Wedlock Perjurer.

I told one of my closest female friends that I’m arranging talks to get married. Absolute lie of course, but I just felt like going along with the story. 110 more words


Peace Is In Each Moment

All the ideas I had based living my “old life” on, ones I never knew I believed let alone consciously questioned where they came from, have proven inafective.   410 more words

The Tao of Dick

I’m having lunch with a former co-worker. It’s been years since we last worked together and he’s been “retired” since. I think his current job is maintaining the friendships that he developed throughout his professional career. 388 more words

Common Sense