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Bring Your Nothing

I often wonder who I am. I have a pretty basic digital bio: husband, father, friend, pastor, and nerd. But I often wonder how… 1,152 more words


Sermon – Philippians 2.1-13, P21, YA, September 28, 2014

Humility has always been one of the trickiest virtues for me.  I actually see myself as a pretty humble person, mainly because life has deflated my ego enough times that I learned pretty quickly to be humble.  1,417 more words

Positive Lists About “Bad” Situations

As discussed in the last post, it can be greatly beneficial to deliberately adjust our bad feeling about someone or something. This time we will focus on the something. 536 more words


Intuition, the Heart meditation

When I am feeling lost (which happens really too often for my liking) I tend to use a specific meditation. Whatever problem I face, I take time to do the following. 315 more words


Ego & Self-belief

There lies a fine line, one in between,

Ego the misguided and the empowering self-belief,

For when latter is not made strong,

And circumstances intervene, 138 more words


Embracing the Wave

From since about the age of 10, I’ve been writing.

Granted, a lot of what I wrote during my formative years was either simply copying plots and characters from comic books or pulp paperbacks and writing gripping two page novels about team-ups between Batman and Tarzan. 857 more words


Another Aha Moment

I realized this morning that my quest for consciousness is something I must consciously do.  I actually have to put thought behind it and be ultra aware of my thoughts.   349 more words

Becoming The Best I Can Be