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Lets Kill Twitter!! Or At Least Redesign It....

Twitter has long come under fire for not protecting its users, after all it took some vile and intrusive threats to feminists such as Caroline Criado-Pere… 842 more words


What is your goal in life?

Growing up I was one of those kids going to school confused and didn’t have any sense of direction. Sometimes in life we don’t see the potential in ourselves, until someone else shows us the light. 50 more words

The Containment of 'I'

The deification of the Self is a state of heart that most, if not all spiritual traditions condemn. However these traditions, recognising the multiple metaphysical elements inherent in the human being, made sure to demarcate them. 471 more words



Okay, let’s talk about ego in a relationship. So the main stereotype that people will say about ego in a relationship is when one party is being utterly selfish, when to love is to change your partner to what you perceive as the ideal relationship. 173 more words


We are Star Dust!

Modern American Culture is ego based, hyper masculine, and above all else a self-destructive separation . Ubermensch (a Nazi word meaning a better man) is a delusion, and this places the current American fascist culture dangerously out of touch with reality as far as the beliefs relating to our mutual physical survival is a concern. 488 more words


Beware The 'Ego' Retweet

Somebody tweets to tell you that they really like you or your latest track.  Maybe someone has tweeted you to tell your that the gig of yours that they went to at the weekend was outstanding.   138 more words

The scripture for today, October 24 (10/24), is 1st Corinthians 10:24 as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

“Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.” 270 more words