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“Happier thoughts lead to essentially a happier biochemistry.

A happier, healthier body.

Negative thoughts and stress have been shown to seriously degrade the body and theĀ  functioning of the brain,

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Walking through the sands of time, we have always sought for a life lived for a greater purpose as we tread the roads of challenges ahead of our future. 544 more words


What are you proud of?

My july term is nearing so I won’t be able to update my blog on a daily basis. Its really tough for me to cope up with all the pressure school is exerting. 294 more words

Life And Learnings

A #Funky #Chick-Lit- Cluck the Undercover Chicken by G Eric Francis

The blurb reads

“Cluck The Undercover Chicken” is a love story.

Wait, that isn’t it.

It’s an action adventure filled with thrills, intrigue and danger. 715 more words

Indie Authors

Petty things teenagers think about.

-I have no right to make my own judgments because I haven’t been there and I haven’t done that before.

-Any decisions and actions I would do will cause me harm because I lack the capacity to foresee events, a capability I need to learn… 179 more words

Getting to know the arrogant one

Organizing elegant dresses according to its colours could be a tricky task. With so many wide range of colours in one particular category you could be spending hours on the job and still be confused into gathering the right pinks next to the right type of red. 2,130 more words

The Hazel's Life Series