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F.L.Y Baby, F.L.Y!

Hello you wonderful people! I had a pretty good day today with some small surprises.. 
Instead of Tissot repairing my watch I got a brand new one! 1,223 more words

People suck

Really, people suck. Even if they’re having beautiful great personalities some people just end up being sucking people. I mean, why? Why do you waste such a beautiful personality? 102 more words

Masked self-love

The mere egoistic, soul-stirring talk of loving our fellow-men and acting upon this love at the first opportunity, that does not constitute social life. This sort of love is, for the most part, terribly egoistic. 86 more words


International Greed

Let’s talk about Apple.
Not about the obvious fact that almost everyone wants, or has, at least one Apple product. But something else than their products that they are known for. 1,537 more words


Endless egoism

Two brothers got 10 dollars to buy candy from their mother.  In the candyshop the oldest took advantage of his power and said the other could only get 2,5. 291 more words