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If I were Queen of the world!

The world is a beautiful, wondrous place one that if you were unborn and had the ability to think it would be unbelievable paradise to you. 205 more words

Life Style

The Egotism of Expertise- Interior Conformity

The Egotism of Expertise. Sampling the luscious fruits of Self-Esteem

A few recent posts have been devoted to a collective wail about the impossibility of non-genre books ever being discovered in the goose step parade of all the others who polish their boots and take steps in synchrony with guidelines and expectations. 1,839 more words

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The Evolution Of Selfieism

Other than accidently taking a selfie one day (while trying to figure out my new fandangled smart phone) I have politely done my best to avoid the wave of selfieism that seems to have enveloped our little jewel in the cosmos. 201 more words


Alliance of convenience vs. working together for the result

Apparently there is a common confusion, sometimes self-deception, about this difference. When people are working together, look at what it is that made them do it. 573 more words

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Bitterness does not suit me..

It has always left a sour taste in mouth. I forgive too easily, it is one of my flaws. I always, turn my other cheek to be slapped, always give people third and fourth and twelfth chances, I always allow myself to be walked over and tossed aside and mistreated. 396 more words


My Gigantic Ego

Let’s talk about me, like we always do.
I am a woman, after all. This is my favourite pastime.
After blogging for a year and a bit, I hit 4000 views. 282 more words


‘Egotism in One Hundred Years of Solitude,’ or, ‘Which One Is She Again?’

It can be embarrassing to confess to not having the basic skills required to read a long novel, especially when one claims to have read many “challenging” novels. 740 more words

James Joyce