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The Everything Junkie

I suppose there are some people who are more inclined than others to get addicted to things. Whenever I latch on to something that I like, I devour it. 1,226 more words


Introducing The YAB Awards!

(God, I wish the acronym for that was less ridiculous)

Fans of unnecessary cynicism rejoice, I’m starting an annual project billed as an awards ceremony but is really little more than an ego-stroking fest in which I berate things that are ever-so-slightly imperfect, under the pretence of a competition! 501 more words

I Suck

The Mirror Series


When walking past our reflection we often have an instinct to look at ourselves in it. This instinct was what prompted the Mirror Series. 43 more words



… think I wanted to be helpful, not harmful but that was never enough … at least for some ppl … i guess some ppl would try to redefine me … or prompt me to redefine myself in such a way that harmless and helpful would be everything I would feel I was … that I would find happiness, peace and solace in just being adequate … its a sort of compassion that drives the doctor to ask patient to consider euthanasia … 140 more words



What do you believe in?
What do you put your faith in?
Belief is defined as ‘An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof’. 1,041 more words


The Chronicle of CAPTAIN TRUTH! (part 1)

… Click here to read PART 2… 

Have you met Captain Truth? He walks amongst us; many of us have made his acquaintance. It doesn’t matter how much you know, or how directly you know it – he always knows better. 15 more words


Mission Statement: pursuing a meaningful literary practice in the information age.

Discursive Poetics is a new website dedicated to poetry and fiction with analytical intention. It will serve as a home for work that attempts to engage the world, rather than merely reflect it, for writing which has as its fundamental principle an aspiration towards understanding and modelling its subject, rather than serving as an individualistic response. 900 more words