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The Sorcerers Explanation

“Spiritual enlightenment” is the ultimate game of the “ego-I,” but “freedom” is the relinquishment of the position of self, beyond which true selflessness arises.

It is foolishness to think that anybody desires “freedom.” The seeker has to be tricked. 1,220 more words

Stopping The World

Day Nine: Insecurity, Egotism and Peace

Note: This is part of my 31-day challenge from my500words.com. I abide by  the rules of the challenge.

This is my first time to add a blogpost using my tablet. 633 more words

By Mikel Dumlao

332 Pride and ego

If you are an egotist, you are a handicapped soul, unable to really love – only able to understand self-love.

Your self-love guides to yo always be on the alert for what you can get out of others. 43 more words


Gaining The Third Ring Of Power

The predator can’t take our will directly, but it can create circumstances that lead us into situations where the formation of our ego is solicited through complicity to it’s devices. 1,007 more words

Stopping The World

326 Danger ahead?

Ask God to increase your faith.  It is He alone who gives and increases the precious and essential gift of Faith.

The cynical culture constantly seeks to shake the faith of believers. 43 more words


Has the internet turned us all into stalkers?

*** DISCLAIMER *** – This post is not about anyone in particular. I am not writing it about anyone, I am not conjecturing anything about anyone, it is about no one in particular and is merely a comment on cyberpsychology and it’s application in modern day life. 1,332 more words


Narcissism and partiality

The alienation wrought by a science that at every turn divorces the world from human interests is as good a trope as any, should one wish to go troping. 913 more words