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EGR: Badass Graffitti Artist

I first found out about EGR – a visual artist, a few months back when I logged into my Facebook account. I saw the initials and a link to the artist’s work mentioned in my feed, so I let my nosiness get the better of me and I clicked onto the link. 1,039 more words


Cheers To New Beginnings.

From April 17 to 19 I attended an Encountering God Retreat with my fellow church friends. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in this retreat, but a lot of people who experienced this event told me that it is life changing and my boyfriend told me to just be open with the possibilities it could bring in my life. 277 more words


EGR BS 003

EDC 15: EGR valoarea 4.8% semnifica EGR inchis(OFF)=450-500mg/str valoara 70% semnifica EGR deschis(ON)=250mg/str

EDC 16: valorile sunt exact pe invers ERG 70% inchis(OFF)=450-500mg/str 4.8% deschis(ON)=250mg/str… 72 more words


What causes an EGR cooler to go bad?

With any car repair it can be difficult to spot the exact reason why any part may have gone out or worn out. With many parts, there are specific reasons that often lead to failure and knowing a bit about these possible causes for failure can help you to keep your car up and running for far longer. 235 more words


Big Bob's Pizza

After a long, exhausting day at work, not much can beat a slice of pizza and cold beverage. Last night we wanted to try something new, and chose  138 more words

Grand Rapids

Loving the EGR

EGR is phrase coined by my wife.  An EGR is a person that you are trying to love, trying to serve, but they make it a little more difficult than normal.  742 more words

East Grand Rapids High School Ranks 99th in Michigan! 

Recent top-to-bottom ranking of state school performance by the Department of Education has placed East Grand Rapids High School in the 99th percentile, making it one of the top-performing schools in Michigan. 124 more words

East Grand Rapids