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obviously obvious

The Bushco defenders are out in force. Making the important network news rounds to defend the indefensible. Torture isn’t really torture. No no. Wars of naked aggression are not really wars of naked aggression. 350 more words

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Word of The Day: Monday 10th November 2014

Egregious: Conspicuous (i.e Conspicuously Bad, Flagrant)

Context and Example 

It was an egregious breach of theater etiquette on Eugene’s part when he left his cell phone on during the play and it rang during an important scene. 139 more words


What you learn when you start a blog

Okay, so there’s lots to get to.  What I really wanted to do was post my new book, “The People’s Tribune”, and talk about the creative and process and the research that went into it. 455 more words