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Cracking the Code, artwork acrylic painting fine art, original art

Cracking the Code, artwork acrylic painting fine art, original art


Cracking the code

 An abstract acrylic  painting


by ancient Sudanese inscribed monument.

Cracking the code/full picture … 169 more words

Sex in Egyptian Art: the Stele of Sebekaa.

Egyptian art can hide very important information in small pieces.

That is the case of the stele of Sebekaa in British Museum.

This piece of ancient Egyptian art dates from XI Dynasty and it was found in Thebes. 173 more words


Infatuation with the Material World

For my Egyptian art class, we were required to write a short essay on why Egyptians placed such an emphasis on mummifying the body and other funerary practices. 769 more words

Egyptian Art

A Trip to Egypt

No, Speedy and I didn’t hop on an airplane and go to Egypt. Instead we hopped on a train, got off in Torino, and went with friends to the… 593 more words

Full Circle continues - Sept 15 Wekalet Behna

The Alexnadria mural is well underway (no pics yet, wait til it’s done!!) and in one week is the opening of my portrait exhibition at Wekalet Behna in Alexandria. 19 more words


The Dead: An Observer in the Egyptian Art.

Perspective in Egyptian art was special. For us, perspective is the representation on a flat surface of reality how it is seen by human eye. 129 more words


Full Circle: the Egypt Tour 2014

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2014 marks my return to Egypt,to do a series of shows in Alexandria and Cairo. 191 more words