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Hair in Egyptian Art for Respect and Reverence in Women.

Egyptian artisans of the New Kingdom used hair in their drawings for expressing body movements (dance, body bow…).

This technique, adopted from the way of drawing the professional mourners, was applied to the masculine figures in a respectful attitude. 342 more words


Hair in Egyptian Art for Expressing Respect.

Hair became in Ancient Egypt a resource for expressing things.

The bending hair was used in Ancient Egypt art for drawing body movements.

As some movements were related in ancient egyptian belief to some attitudes, hair was also used for expressing those attitudes. 258 more words


Hair: a Resource in Ancient Egypt Art for Expressing Movement.

XVIII Dynasty tombs located in Luxor are especially rich in small details, some of them escaping easily from our sight, which give much information about Ancient Egypt. 516 more words


Raleigh: the collection under my care

This one is for Ken O., who believes my systematic catalogue of the Egyptian collection–an outstanding publication, which he read from cover to cover (his words)–deserves as much attention on my blog as the publication of my doctoral dissertation (this catalogue is mentioned in the… 103 more words


Flinders Petrie's birthday

Did you know? Today is the birthday of one of Egyptology’s most famous archaeologists: William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1853-1942). Petrie was quite a character and my favourite picture of him is the one where he stands in his pyjamas outside the tomb in which he had set up camp during his survey of the Great Pyramid in 1880. 40 more words