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Delicious childhood memories

Remember the good times you spent that one summer with friends and relatives? Those small feasts you had as kids whenever you felt exhausted from your skateboards, roller skates, football, basketball or even hide and seek sessions?  693 more words

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Ful Medames: a delicious Egyptian recipe

Who follows me on Instagram (@helinapalermo) is already aware about my new purchase! But, for who does not know, here it is: Cairo Kitchen by Suzanne Zeidy… 352 more words


5 strange dishes you might want to try in Egypt

Sometimes, we come across strangely named dishes that might or might not have unusual ingredients. Whether you’re curious enough to try those items or not, it is definitely one way for those restaurants to stand out from the crowd. 413 more words

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Mediterranean Food Uses Fresh Ingredients For Churning Out Mouthwatering Dishes

Are you a self confessed foodie? Well, then you must be fond of trying out various cuisines whenever you are dining out with your friends and families. 288 more words

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The evolution of Egyptian cuisine in Egypt

Egypt has been known for it’s mouthwatering specialties such as Koshary, Molokheya, Mousaka, Hawawshi, Mombar, Stuffed Pigeon, chicken and beef liver, Fitir, Foul, Fatta, and many more. 634 more words

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First week in Hurghada

The destination change went really well. I flew from Sal to Brussels and spent my night in fancy Sheraton airport hotel. Big SOFT bed and no cockroaches :P They had a gym at the hotel so I decided to do workout before going to bed. 754 more words

Not everything that stinks is caca and not everything that glistens is gold

Waiting for Boss Man to come home from work we looked thru a different window and realized just how close we are to the Mosque (Jasmines palace) 898 more words