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Three Old Cemeteries (2008)

1. Egyptian pyramids.

2. Roman catacombs.

3. England’s Stonehenge.
The reason for the large stones have
been resolved-
After all the researching and digging,
that has been involved.


Higgs Boson Really Discovered By Aliens Says Conspiracy Expert

In a statement today which was marked with paranoia and excessive use of the words “clearly obvious”, James McDickel, official spokesman for the newly founded Conspiracy Party of America, proclaimed the Higgs boson was discovered by an alien race of really smart beings from a galaxy really far from here. 169 more words


10 Greatest Alternative Pyramids From Around The World

We’ve all heard of the Pyramids of Giza—thousands of years old, and just about the most famous buildings of all time. But ancient Egypt doesn’t have a monopoly on pyramid construction; mankind ever since has been pretty keen on the idea, coming up with all kinds of different twists on the same general theme. 1,416 more words