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Ägyptens pax oeconomica und billiges Menschenleben

Kairo. 529 Menschen werden von einem Gericht im Schnellverfahren ohne Anhörung zum Tode verurteilt. Das wird in vielen Medien gefeiert. Vor mir explodiert ein Auto im dichten Straßenverkehr. 1,481 more words

Egyptian Uprising

Revolutionary Feminism In North Africa: An Interdisciplinary Journal Looks At Women, Gender and the Arab Spring

A new special issue of the Journal of North African Studies features a series of articles on “Women, Gender and the Arab Spring.”

In her introduction to the volume, Andrea Khalil argues that the Arab Spring has seen a shift in feminist politics from a situation in which state-sponsored women’s organizations sought to solve “the woman question”–an effort which “lacked a real feminist agenda and exacerbated the difficult conditions of rural and poor women”–to a decentralized, non-institutional activism through which “popular pressures have been applied to the new governments by a wide range of groups of women whose opinions are redefining how constitutional and legal language treats gender in newly debated definitions of national identity.” 1,098 more words

Interview with Austrian News ZIB 24

In February I gave an interview on Austrian television about the polarized political situation in Egypt.

Egyptian Uprising

Der Ruf nach einem starken Führer: Ägypten drei Jahre nach Mubarak

Dieser Artikel wurde bereits auf Shabka anlässlich des dritten Jahrestages der ägyptischen Revolution publiziert.

KAIRO. Vor genau drei Jahren erreichte die ägyptische Revolution ihren Höhepunkt . 719 more words

Egyptian Uprising

How Meme Analysis Can Help Understand The Egyptian Revolution (Not)

A recent study in Revista de Comunicación offers an analysis of how narratives of the Egyptian revolution spread using the putative model of “meme analysis.” Alas, like every other study I have seen that seeks to apply the concept of memes to social and cultural analysis, it fails. 1,647 more words

Al Jazeera and Citizen Journalism

Al Jazeera has much less social capital than it used to, since Qatar began using its money to promote political causes in the Middle East and the station has come to be seen as a shill for those causes. 350 more words

Article Analyzes On-Line Discourse About Lara Logan's Sexual Assault

A new article in Feminist Media Studies analyzes the ways bloggers and on-line commenters have used these electronic spaces to contest “blame the victim” narratives used in constructing news reports about Lara Logan’s sexual assault in Tahrir Square in Egypt. 421 more words