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Can Social Media Save Egypt's Heritage Sites?

The ancient heritage of the Middle East is being seriously damaged by the uprisings, revolutions and foreign occupations (i.e. US in Iraq and its aftermath). 938 more words

Israel And The Arab Spring

A new issue of the journal Israel Affairs features a number of articles about the Arab Spring and its implications for the state of Israel. Only two of these are about Egypt. 520 more words

Pope Tawadros On The Future Of The Church In The New Egypt

The revolution unleashed Coptic youth to speak out against injustices practiced against Christians in Egypt, sometimes with tragic results. Many Copts were thrilled with the ousting of President Morsi by the military last July, but others were more cautious, recalling that the military had… 1,477 more words

Power, Agency & Resistance In Egypt (And Elsewhere)

Resistance is everywhere these days, and it begs analysis, especially in thinking about issues of power and agency.

Nowhere is this more true than in Egypt, where protesters have exerted considerable agency in forcing changes, yet somehow they are unable to exert strong agency over the ultimate outcomes. 1,426 more words