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22 going nowhere !

As it is a custom for an introductory first blog post, here is mine.

So if you are reading this you should at least know the basics about me, if not then how did you get to my post and you are a stalker !! 216 more words


That's Cuckoo

Bwahahaha!!!! The Bradford Exchange strikes again, introducing the “only Cuckoo Clock inspired by the Wonders of Ancient Egypt.” The description is quite lengthy, highlighting various details (“regal golden Canopic jar-inspired pendulums”) and listing terms of sale (“Limit: one per order” – no worries there), but my favorite is “Queen Nefertiti’s sculpted bust emerges on the stroke of each hour.” Oh my.


The Journey to a Perfect Set of Teeth

Well, I should say it wasn’t easy.

Me, 4 years ago. :D

I am a the typical daldakina girl and having crooked teeth, my upper canines specifically, did not stop me from being talkative. 523 more words


Spirit Journey of Love

I’ve been quiet due to personal reasons but I want to start writing more on here and getting things out there. I’ve been meaning to write another post but this one took precedent. 1,032 more words


Not So Perfect [Novel]

OVERVIEW: (This will be on the abstract of the physical printed copy):

There’s an old fable that all of humanity’s “odds and ins” like emotions, elements, and nature came from one central location. 1,035 more words

Exodus: In An Angel's Bosom

In the last three months she had developed a clairaudiance.  Dodging, bobbing and weaving so to speak, in an effort to keep her son from the guards; From the soldiers; from the wise men; and the sorcerers.  709 more words