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Birthdays and Other Common Phenomenon


 I guess to start I have to do the obvious, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!” — because I’m 21, and this is of utmost importance. What else would I do without that one day a year every person who has spoken to me will scribe a sentence-long greeting on an electronic wall, I’ll go to a bar, get hit on too many times because I’m the sloppy girl in a tiara and embarrassing sash, that will obviously be put into bed by a friend before midnight. 888 more words

Brain Drain

Nadia Hamdi (1975)

Nadia Hamdi in a scene from ‘Sah El nom’ a 1975 film starring Syrian comedian Doraid Lahham.

Belly Dance

A nightclub scene

Another 70s movie clip.  I love the ‘fringe monster’ costume the dancer’s wearing.  Keep an eye out for the hand shake routine :-)

Belly Dance

Samia Gamal (1959) سامية جمال

Samia Gamal with Mohamed Fawzy (the male singer) and Nazek (the female singer) in a scene from a 1959 film ‘Kull daqqa fi qalbi’ (Every beat of my heart محمد فوزي‎).  14 more words

Belly Dance

Hayatem هياتم

A scene featuring Egyptian dancer/actress Hayatem.  Hayatem was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1950 starting her career as a dancer in hotels and clubs eventually becoming a well known performer both dancing and acting.

Belly Dance

Nagwa Fouad نجوى فؤاد‎

Egyptian bellydance legend Nagwa Fouad in a scene with Said Saleh from ‘Al Sa’louk wa al hanem’ (The Pauper and the Ladies).  The film tells the story of a drug dealer who focuses on selling to housewives until one day a wealthy women starts giving him trouble.

Belly Dance

Dina with Saad al Soghayar

From the 2010 film ”Welad al Balad” (Country Boys) which starred Mohamed Lotfy along with Dina who plays an aspiring bellydancer.  Popular Egyptian singer Saad al Soghayar performs in this clip with Dina.  34 more words

Belly Dance