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Ancient Egypt

We have started a new unit on Ancient Egypt. It’s so hard to know what to look at in depth with this topic. The period covered by Ancient Egypt went on for three thousand years – that’s a lot to cover! 333 more words


Song that: I love but hardly listen to

All the old paintings on the tombs,
They do the sand dance,
Don’t you know?

If they move too quick
They’re falling down like a domino. 155 more words

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Specifics To learn Concerning Parfum

Parfum (Latin “per fume” which means “through smoke”) seemed to be very favored by the actual Egyptians, Romans, and also Arabs. Within Distance Asian countries, perfume have been incense structured. 14,991 more words


Just a Random Update

It has been like an everlasting struggle to keep one’s head above the water, with notorious creatures lurking around you, anticipating the moment you fail to survive. 641 more words


Polish: Cultural Cultivators of Cultured Curds

The Polish are a tireless people who ceaselessly strive to improve the status of their society by enacting numerous social policies. The pragmatism of the Polish pushed their efforts into prioritizing the comfort and well-being of its citizens above all else, making its cities some of the most desirable societies in the world. 939 more words

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Ancient Egyptian bric-a-brac

As we approach the centenary of the start of the Great War this year and the landings at Gallipoli there will be increasing attention paid to what the Australian and New Zealand troops did overseas, and not just their military adventures.   373 more words


Polish: Polyhistors Promoting Polished Policies

My name is Kunwari, a historian. The chronicles that I study, however, detail a history as recorded by a people who are governed by immortal leaders of their race. 976 more words

Story-Telling Sundays