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16th April - On this day in History

IN 1457 BCE the first recorded battle was documented between the Egyptians and a Canaanite coalition.

IN 1178 CE a solar eclipse is said to have occurred over the Ionian Sea supposedly coinciding with the return of Odysseus after the sacking of Troy. 31 more words


War Horse (a brief history of…) Part 1

(The Hyksos on their war chariots, circa 1600 BCE. Source Wikipedia)

When our descendants first began to work the land as farmers, they tamed or domesticated cattle, donkeys, goats, pigs and sheep to name a few around about 4,000 BC. 335 more words


Interdependence. 5.



   For our next development in writing we must travel to Egypt during the early dynastic period, when the two divided kingdoms were unified and a central government was established. 957 more words


The Egyptian Male Portrayed in GIFs

When your significant other talks to you:

When your soccer team loses:

When the topic of marriage comes up:

Whenever any minor disagreement occurs:

When you’re driving: 54 more words


Alien's watching us?

I just finished watching a show on youtube about the possibility that an alien race – called the Anunnaki by the Sumerians – helped to create human civilization.   283 more words


Ancient Egyptians

When the ancient Egyptians got to heaven they were asked two questions to be admitted,

have you found joy in your life,

& has your life brought joy to others… 15 more words

The Egyptian Female Portrayed in GIFs

When you see other Egyptians getting creative with their fashion choices:

When you get sexually harassed:

When you meet a “Si El Sayed” type of guy: 75 more words