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April 11th (8th grade math)

Half day 8-12

I went into this school ready for the day to find out there is an all school assembly and a fire-drill during the time the four hours I am there. 384 more words

Eighth Ave By _naturehumaine

© Adrien Williams
This intervention reworked a household two storey duplex in Rosemount into a solitary dwelling device by fully reorganizing the inside and setting up a 430 sqft extension in the rear. 21 more words

Daily Ideas

March 17th (8th grade science)

Worst day yet!

Period 1 (Enrichment): went fine

Period 3 (Science): the class was extremely talkative and not responsible with their time. I made them take home the worksheet if they did not get it done. 190 more words

Shmeenee - Eighth

This week’s Torah Reading is called Shmeenee – Eighth. It is also special in that it is Parshas Para, the reading of Para – The Red Heffer. 359 more words

Secrets From Mt. Sinai

Criminal Minds: The Eighth Season

CRIMINAL MINDS revolves around an elite team of FBI profilers who analyze the country’s most twisted criminal minds, anticipating their next moves before they strike again. 18 more words

Feb 25th (8th grade science)

Well I see why this job opened up. Yesterday’s sub refused to come back. She had a student inappropriately touch her, a kid broke a meter stick by hitting people and things, and a few kids were using inappropriate language. 366 more words