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ATM Space in Noida Extension “THE CRESCENT” (Sky is also…not the limit)

THE CRESCENT“(Sky is also…not the limit) Commercial Projects in Noida Extension Tech Zone -IV .

Finally an address to answer all your dreams…”THE CRESCENT”-Sky is also…not the limit.Eternity Group conceived “THE CRESCENT” to present architectural excellence in the contemporary global scenario spread on over10 acres at Tech Zone IV, Greater Noida West. 253 more words

Commercial Projects

This is what opened spots look like the next day! It hurts a bit...

This is what opened spots look like the next day! It hurts a bit to bend my wrists but no big deal. I feel like it’s all healing quickly already which is honestly all I can really ask for (I’m happy with this). 523 more words

This was taken on Day 3 of Moisturizer Withdrawal, right after a...

This was taken on Day of Moisturizer Withdrawal, right after a bath. You can tell my skin is extremely dry/flaky and the rashes are sort of muted in color but still visible. 47 more words

Scratchfest Today!

I had a scratchfest when I got home today and ripped up my wrists. :(  I’m a little upset with myself, but surprisingly I don’t feel too bad about it. 299 more words

Golden Jubilee Gala!

29th March corporate show with EIL (Engineers India Ltd), New Delhi

The Red Carpet will roll out for the uniquely popular singer-entertainer Shaan on March 29th, as he takes centre-stage to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Engineers India Ltd (EIL)! 170 more words

Day 10 of Moisturizer Withdrawal Mostly only dealing with...

Day 10 of Moisturizer Withdrawal

Mostly only dealing with dryness and flakiness (and all-around rough skin). By Friday night my lips were not dry, and I have to say that this is the most important thing to me. 617 more words

This is on Day 7 of not moisturizing. I have a dry spot on my...

The wrist is the worst spot. I want to mention that around day 4 of not moisturizing, any cuts I make do not ooze. They might be a bit wet but not weeping like they would before. 443 more words