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The Railroad On The Ocean

A railroad will be built from Shanghai to New York – over the East

China Sea, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean, and… 364 more words


On Remembrance Day (5/2014)

As I babbled to security at the border, giving some reasons I thought she’d accept about why I was learning Arabic and standard lines about how maybe I would make Aliyah, someday, I noticed her blue יזכור sticker with the red flower – the one I was given to wear this time of year until I was 18. 203 more words

Life and Other Weird Coincidences

I’ll be blunt: I wasn’t fun in high school. My senior year I spent every lunch hour in the math resource center, doing calculus homework and eating bag lunches with Mr. 472 more words

Day 6: Monday

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, the last day of our ride, began with a view of sunrise from our hotel balcony

We enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast at the Princess Hotel… 1,046 more words

Day By Day On The Ride

One of Israel's Best Kosher Restaurants

The Ranch House(www.ranchhouse.co.il/)

The reason I give the Ranch House such high praise is because:

  1. The chef takes Kosher ingredients and able to use the to max.
  2. 347 more words

Day 5: Sunday

Sunday, November 9, 2014

After breakfast, we went to a local swimming pool site where all of the bikes had been brought. We searched for our assigned bikes and then took a quick jaunt was to a local overlook. 1,185 more words

Day By Day On The Ride


The general tourist tattle re. Egypt is to get in, take your photos of the Pyramids, and get the hell out … with that advice in mind, that’s exactly what we did. 492 more words