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January 4th and 5th: The Calm before the Storm

January 4th:

While at work today, I got a call back from Leah’s dentist in Jerusalem, with whom I’d left a message a couple of days prior.  321 more words


Eilat Weekend Apartments For

237,200 Arabs live in the Haifa District, which has a total population of 939,000. Most Arabs of the Haifa District live in the Wadi Ara region that straddles the northwestern border of the West Bank. 234 more words


Traveling to … Israel

Holy Land tours to Israel have grown in popularity over the years. A Holy Land tour is a magical, personally enriching experience. Visiting the top Holy Land attractions – the Western Wall and Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Nazareth, Galilee, and the Mount of Olives – will have a profound impact and resonate within you for a long time. 383 more words

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Israel Highlights-Deserts and Seas

Landing in Israel, the only concern I had was making sure to not get a stamp in my passport as many countries will not let you in if they see you have a stamp from Israel. 821 more words

A Near Rebellion

We say goodbye to Zinniah, wishing her well at the border at Eilat. Awaiting us is a plush, air conditioned coach, with enough seats for double our number. 484 more words


Pivko in Eilat

Relations are tense. The United Arab Emirates does not recognize Israel as a state, and the two countries do not have diplomatic and economic relations. … 170 more words



Last week I was in Eilat with the family.

Here are the best photos taken: