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Cold Comfort Farm continues to comfort its appreciative audience

I haven’t been doing too great on the “film flashback Friday” initiative, probably due to my grad school schedule. So here is a belated entry for that series. 677 more words


MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT arrives on Digital HD 12/2 and on Blu-ray & DVD 12/16

It’s remarkable that Emma Stone is entrancing and so is the movie as a whole. Filled with flavorsome performances. The film’s most powerful magic lies in its unquenchable playfulness. 523 more words


One Mann's Movies Film Review: Magic in the Moonlight

“Demanding is over-rated” said a wise woman, who I also happen to be married to.

Woody Allen’s latest film Magic in the Moonlight, is a light and fluffy piece of movie confection set on the photogenic Cote d’Azur that delights the eye but hardly taxes the brain. 772 more words

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Magic in the Moonlight (2014) - 10 quick points (or as many as I could come up with)

I haven’t had time for a regular post in a very long time – although there has been no shortage of thoughts, ideas and stimulations. So here is a ‘cheat’ post, with some quick points on Woody Allen’s latest movie. 464 more words


Magic in the Moonlight (Woody Allen, USA, 2014)

Magic in the Moonlight is very pretty, has a serious theme, gorgeous music and a very good cast headed by Colin Firth as Stanley, who under the professional name of Wei Ling Soo performs illusions that other people take as ‘magic’. 613 more words

Magic in the Moonlight Review

A little bit light on the moon and the magic…

Woody Allen has long been a neurotic soul, his catalogue of films serves only to highlight not to hide this fact, now it seems his psychological crises have escalated to the existential level as he brings us… 671 more words


Magic In The Moonlight

As Woody Allen movies go, Magic In The Moonlight is middling. It’s nowhere near his worst, nor does it stand with his best.

The film takes place in the twenties, where we meet Stanley (played by Colin Firth), a debunker of spiritualist frauds, who also happens to be a magician. 542 more words

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