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Day 46: A Corgi in my Chair

This guy.  He just wants to be included.  I had been working on my computer most of the evening, with Ein dancing around my feet wanting to be picked up.   29 more words


FAQ- Do I need a Federal Employment Identification Number?

I am in the process of incorporating an LLC for a client.

I am running across some basic information that people frequently ask me.  Here is one of the first questions: 160 more words

Day 38: Study Buddy

This guy again! I can’t help it – just look at that face.  Lately, Ein has been my (anti) study buddy.  Every time I go to my desk to do work, he does one of three things: 1) he curls up in the wheels of my desk chair so that I can’t move without running him over, 2) he paws at my leg until I pick him up and put him in my lap, or 3) he uses the neighboring sofa to climb onto my desk and sit in front of my computer.   51 more words


Day 27: Painting Corgi Silhouettes

I love painting, but for some reason when I moved to Chicago two years ago, I stopped. I don’t exactly know why, but I just never really found the time to keep going with it.   70 more words


Day Sixteen: A Snoozy Puppy

No great thoughts today, just happiness that Ein has been super sleepy and in to taking naps all day.  He’s usually super energetic, so I love days when he wants to just veg and sleep.   22 more words