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Creative expression: Life

What is life really? There is billions of correct answers to this question – as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder- so does the answer to this question depends on the perspective of each person. 248 more words


Colouring With Einstein

Why do you keep looking over at me? What am I doing that is so odd to you?

You keep staring. I’ll have you know that Einstein approves of this wholeheartedly. 280 more words



Hallo semuanya, selamat malam, ini menjadi postingan pertama saya karena saya lupa password blog dan email saya yang jadul, haha.  Berhubung dengan adanya suatu tugas untuk membuat artikel bertema “ 814 more words

Dampak Teknologi Informasi

Spreading Spectrum Modulation and Peanut Butter - Part 1

My father-in-law was a distinguished genius (in my opinion), curly hair like Einstein but dark, no mustache, large lips and a pleasant expression. As an electrical engineer and communications expert, he knew wavelengths, propagation theories, radar, amplifiers, oscillators, modulators, waveguides, and…well, you get the idea. 359 more words


21 Inspiring and Favourite Quotes (And a cautionary word)

I love inspirational quotes and sayings. They can give you that little boost from time to time I guess. Personally, I only think they work if you really wire them into your nervous system. 792 more words

Your Mind

Do You Send Alex Gordon? (A Philosophical Inquiry)


The ball sailed towards the San Francisco Giants’ Gregor Blanco in centerfield, an obvious single.

The anxious crowd at Cloud Nine Brewery gasped as Blanco misplayed the ball and it squirted to the warning track. 871 more words


A thought for the day...

You live and you learn…and sometimes you just live.  Someone, apparently not Einstein as I just found out, once said:

‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ 82 more words

Making Decisions