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Those who preach will receive a greater judgment

The preacher’s task is both the most honorable and the most solemn of any calling, the most privileged and at the same time the most responsible one. 178 more words

Arthur W. Pink

Those who preach must spend their time and energy in seeking to properly interpret scripture

CHAPTER 2 dealt with some of the more elementary yet essential qualifications which must needs be found in any who would enter into the spiritual meaning of Holy Writ. 179 more words

Arthur W. Pink

A holy design is required to interpret the scriptures

Fifth, a holy design. Many are deceived in this matter, mistaking an eagerness to acquire scriptural knowledge for a love of the Truth itself. Inquisitiveness to discover what the Bible says is why some read it. 308 more words

Arthur W. Pink

7 Twitter Flaws and 8 Facebook Mistakes Made in Debating Scripture

1) Internal Logic

The first test of a theology is its ability to answer all the scriptural issues, but this is not the final test. 890 more words


A praying heart is required in order to interpret scripture

Fourth, a praying heart. Since the Bible is different from all other books, it makes demands upon its readers which none other does. What one man has written, another man can master; but only the Inspirer of the Word is competent to interpret it unto us. 175 more words

Arthur W. Pink

A humble mind is required in order to interpret scripture

Third, a humble mind.

“This is an eternal and unalterable law of God’s appointment, that whoever will learn His mind and will, as revealed in Scripture, must be humble and lowly, renouncing all trust and confidence in themselves. 201 more words

Arthur W. Pink

Is Your 'Hermeneutical House' a Safe Place to Live?

Here is a good article that discusses hermeneutical methodology and why it is important to use a proper, sound, hermeneutical method when interpreting scripture.

by Dr.

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