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Heaven's Zone: Ekphrastic poetry

A colony of colored houses
Hangs over my haywire dreams
My eyes house them all,
A painter’s palette of light,
The azure blue, the sunlight yellow, … 140 more words

The Wings Of Poesy

Day 13: Mosh for Keeps

Mosh for Keeps

I stand ten feet from the stage
in the hot humid air. I wait
with others for A.F.I. to come on.
The crowd swells and I feel… 94 more words


In the Distance, the Sound of Chains

No space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunities misused!
― Charles Dickens, ”A Christmas Carol”

Through the window, I see myself,
dead. The white sheet doesn’t cover… 137 more words

Day 11: When He Grows Up

When He Grows Up

he wants to be a train
his feet
wheels heating the rails
as he speeds across one state
to the next he runs… 35 more words


In love with a photograph

The shadows on these doors remind me of a photograph of a person. The photograph had created a longing to know the person, so much so as to make me bold. 284 more words

Personal Essays

Day 10: Parking Meter

Parking Meter

Let me rub my beard
against your blue circular sticker.
Your “P” waves down the sidewalk
at me. I cannot help myself.
My arms around your slender… 55 more words


Day 9: Composition


The Man peels the skin of an orange,
the pulp shines like the street puddles.

A lady walks past his stoop;
her large worn purse swaying her… 40 more words