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A Dog on the Roof

A dog jumps on the roof. I can hear the bamboo creak, the panting. The door swings from it’s hinges, the faucets are broken. Dust hangs in the air from the recent earthquake and I sweep enough from the room to make a sand castle. 204 more words

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El Carmen

The church youth choir sings with a guitar and the African beat of a cajon. Their enthusiasm makes up for occasional out of tune notes. The priest, a joyful man with dark skin and a light spirit, comes down the isle sprinkling the congregation with Holy water. 352 more words

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Orange you glad you tried it?

It started as a whisper, a rumour passed down through generations of coffee buffs. Word on the street (and the internet) spread tales of satsumas being used as Aeropress filters creating a citrus infused coffee. 272 more words

Coffee Break