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La Comunidad Educativa está formada por el profesorado, los padres y madres, el alumnado y elñ personal no docente (admnistración, conserjería, etc). Es un colectivo muy numeroso y ha de organizarse de manera que cada cual asuma sus tareas y responsabilidades a fin de conseguir las metas educativas que nos proponemos. 225 more words

El Centro

Las instalaciones

El Instituto Las Encinas está ubicado en la  Avenida Mirasierra nº 8 en Villanueva de la Cañada

Se compone de xx aulas distribuidas en xx plantas, donde además se encuentran las siguientes zonas comunes: 49 more words

El Centro


–You were a hell-raiser, Tzara interrupted.
–Thing is, I wasn’t. But I remember this jagged seashell, orange on the inside, that the cigarette man brought back from the Oneonta Slough near the mouth of the Tijuana River. 92 more words


Moving Again: Expat Relocation Habits in Ecuador

It seems, at least anecdotally, like many expats who move to Ecuador live in several houses or apartments within their first few years in the country.  378 more words


Micheladas & Church Exploring en El Centro de Guadalajara

I have been cutting it close to being non-stop Mexico tourist, family gal, and adventure seekers for the last two weeks!  My aunt Arcelia and cousin Jessica from Chicago have been visiting and Arci hasn’t been here for 20 years so as she says: … 527 more words

Bird Trouble Travels

Wetback Hops Freedom Train-Part III

 This week marks the 60th anniversary of when the Los Angeles Mirror (the afternoon paper of the L.A. Times) ran and syndicated a 5-part series by eventual  1,386 more words


Welcome to California Where the Door is Always Open!

The Associated Press published today that some of the Central American illegal immigrants will be moved from Texas to California.  Not surprising!  The door seems to always be open in California for anyone or anything regardless of the toll it takes on the California taxpayers. 1,217 more words