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Blog #2 #ELA

This is my second blog and so far I’ve taken off the filter and unhooked some springs and took the carb out now I need to spray it with carb cleaner, I was gonna do that but it was windy and you don’t want to get carb cleaner on your clothes or in your eyes and you have to do it outside. 53 more words

Blog #1 #ELA

For my passion project I am working on a mini dirt bike I am going to get it working again and paint it orange so that it looks nice. 51 more words

Homework for the Week of 11/03/14

English Language Arts (Mr. Cordova):

  1. Annotation and analysis of structures of informational text of the following reading assignments:
    1. 4 – 7 of your Unit 2 Social Studies packet…
  2. 121 more words

Day by the river

It’s still pretty warm here in France despite being November tomorrow, so when Kieran came to visit we decided to make the most of the amazing weather.       123 more words


Questions, Annie, Jeans, and 1989.

Last Tuesday, 8 weeks after arriving here in Murcia, I finally started my British Council placement! I’m so happy to have finally started, although the running joke with my friends about me doing nothing all day every day is finally over. 1,046 more words

Thing 4- Dropbox and Reflection

I have been using Dropbox for awhile, but I need to clean up my many folders and make it more friendly for my new position.  Here’s the start to my Dropbox re-organization. 175 more words


New Workshops Added: 6 ELA Shift Kit Trainings

ELA Shift Kit Trainings:
These workshops are designed to train educators on the six ELA shift kits.
Online registration is the only way to register for these trainings. 86 more words

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