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Why Elaine Benes is awesome

Have you guys met Suze?

Initially on screens from 1990-1998, and enjoying thoroughly warranted reruns today, Seinfeld surfaced in a rather bizarre world (though perhaps not as bizarre as their own… 623 more words

Elaine Benes

Mr. Pennypacker

Ever walk into a store and have the salesperson look you up and down to see what you are wearing and refuse to say hello? Like in Seinfeld when Elaine tries to put the the clothing store Putumayo out of business after the saleswoman ignores her to talk to her boyfriend on the phone. 103 more words


Five Reasons Why Elaine Benes is Queen of the Castle

Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently posed naked on the cover of Rolling Stone with the Constitution printed on her back (no nipples were exposed, though).

From all accounts, the interview she gave to… 780 more words