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Rainbow Loom - Chain Bracelet PDF

How to make a rainbow loom chain bracelet.  It is a beginner level bracelet and I show you how to make it long enough for anyone using just one loom! 10 more words


Picking DuPont TY122S Disposable Elastic Wrist Bootie Hood White

Tyvek is a synthetic material made by DuPont from flash-spun, high-density polyethylene fiber. It is used in a number of applications (including envelopes), but the one we’re going to discuss here is its use in chemical protective clothing. 287 more words

Ash Jumpsuit: Willow & Co.

If you read sewing blogs at all, you will have seen plenty of tester photos and blog posts appearing over the past two days previewing the debut children’s pattern collection from… 505 more words


8 easy steps to fixing a twisted elastic waistband

Have you ever had this happen to you? What a tangled mess! Don’t throw away your skirt just yet because in this post I am going to show you how you can fix it in a few easy steps. 381 more words


From Toilet Roll 2 Crown

We had a wonderful time crafting this week. As I said last week we are working on some crafts for Kings Day (Koningsdag, I am still getting used to this as it used to be Queens Day in the Netherlands as well). 294 more words


"I've got an elastic heart."

“I’ve got an elastic heart.”

Ny linje fra en ny sang. 

“I’ve got an elastic heart.” Jeg ville gjerne bet alt for et elatisk hjerte. Tenk så flott. 322 more words



Dear Internet,

It is late, I am very tired- despite the clocky change thing that had the zoo all in bed merely Bloody Late as opposed to Whimpering Parent Prone To Desperate Bargaining, a state of affairs I don’t see improving for about, say, ten years- AND, just to top things off, at some point or other in the day that was I have eaten something that is trying very hard to get post-mortem revenge from beyond the duodenum. 321 more words

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