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Suricata + ELK in Docker

While getting familiar the very popular Docker Linux container tool, I went against best practice and put Suricata, Logstash, Elastic Search and Kibana into a container that is looking promising for demonstration purposes. 330 more words


How simple is simple? (from MongoDB to Elasticsearch)

IT must be easy, oh yeah. After years of courses and university and everything else, just because they were put together by the brightest educational minds you should be able in a second to program this new web application, integrate external web services, add a new GUI and adapt your friend’s broken Excel import, all while cleaning up grandma’s computer for the hundredth time. 869 more words


Log Management in the Cloud Age

In traditional systems, logs are lines of text intended for offline human consumption. With the advent of Cloud and Big Data, there is a paradigm shift in what can be logged. 390 more words


Talk: Using Logstash and Elasticsearch Together

Sematext engineer and Elasticsearch / Logstash expert Rafal Kuc is giving a talk about using Logstash and Elasticsearch together at DevOps Days Warsaw on September 26.   366 more words

Getting started with ElasticSearch on Node

Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy” – Metallica

I recently had to set up ElasticSearch within a Node project.  I found the supporting documentation to be scattered and had a difficult time finding examples of what I would consider everyday production configurations.   329 more words


Panamax Docker Application Template with cAdvisor, ElasticSearch, Grafana, and InfluxDB

Panamax just released from Lucas Carlson and his team at CenturyLink Labs. They’ve created a contest for putting together the best Panamax templates, with various categories being judged. 695 more words


ElasticSearch Fundamentals Part -1

Off late, I have been exploring ElasticSearch for various reasons and needs.  It seems to be a good alternative in the No-SQL world as a data store for any unstructured data. 779 more words