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Installing ElasticSearch for Windows

For usage of commands in cmd with ElasticSearch you should install curl.

Better put it in c:\ for convenience .

You should download ES… 130 more words


Using Elasticsearch German Analyzer

The article explains how to use Elasticsearch’s default German analyzer. An index using ElasticsearchCRUD, is created which maps a field using the german analyzer for both search and also indexing. 851 more words


Automated provisioning of multi-cloud weave network with Terraform


In this post I am going to describe how I used one of HashiCorp’s latest tools — Terraform — for deploying a weave network across two different cloud providers. 1,865 more words


Day 12: Index your data with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a flexible and powerful open source, distributed, real-time search and analytics engine. You can store structured JSON documents and by default Elasticsearch will try to detect the data structure and index the data. 335 more words


Elasticsearch Monitoring: SPM vs. Marvel

While many SPM Performance Monitoring users quickly see the benefits of SPM and adopt it in their organizations for monitoring — not just for Elasticsearch, but for their complete application stack — some Elasticsearch users evaluate SPM and compare it to Marvel from Elasticsearch.   615 more words


HN Insights: Playing with Hacker News data

My latest experiment revolves around APIs, analytics and data extraction from Hacker News stories. Hacker News is a vivid community that lots of other people (me included) visit often, I decided to try and get some of its data, analyze them and see what interesting results might come out of it. 333 more words


Elasticsearch and GEO query - geo_point

Elasticsearch has become an extremely popular search engine but … as so often … documentation could be improved still quite a bit. Find below a short tutorial on how to identify (map) a field as geo_point field and FYI, the official Elasticsearch documentation is far from clear (and correct) with regards to this topic. 343 more words