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elasticsearch from source to debug in the eclipse

git clone https://github.com/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.git

// start eclipse


// import eclasticsearch to eclipse

File->Import->Maven->Exsiting Maven Project

// and browse to elasticsearch'source folder where pom.xml is located… 62 more words


How we optimized 100 sec elasticsearch queries to be under a sub second.

In a SQL world, query optimizers are well matured and understood, distributed systems on other hand are new and not very mature. Understanding how the queries work is very important. 1,232 more words


Elasticsearch Type mappings with ElasticsearchCRUD

This article shows how to define mappings for types in Elasticsearch using ElasticsearchCRUD. The Core Types definitions in Elasticsearch can be defined using attributes with ElasticsearchCRUD. 528 more words


NoSql ve ElasticSearch

Nosql bir çeşit veritabanı yönetim sistemidir,fakat ilişkisel veritabanları sistemlerinin farklı kuralları var.Bu tip veritabanları Sql veritabanlar yerine kullanılmaktan ziyade ilişkisel veritabanlarının yetersiz kaldığı yerlerde destek amacıyla kullanılabilir.Nosql  ‘Not Only Sql ’ olarak adlandırılır, Sql tipi sorgu cümlecikleri ile sorgulama yapmamızı sağlamakta. 966 more words


Elasticsearch Parent, Child, Grandchild documents and Routing

This article shows how to create parent, child and grandchild documents in Elasticsearch using ElasticsearchCRUD. If creating documents which are related to each other, it is important that the documents are all saved to the same shard in Elasticsearch. 1,769 more words


Domain name analyzer/tokenizer with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is amazingly easy to use given how powerful it is, but sometimes the functionality seems to be a couple of years ahead of the documentation. 406 more words

Getting in to logging in a big way

I’ve been working on this for the last couple of weeks and I thought it was worthy of creating a blog article about it, as I have put together so many different pieces of information I thought it might be nice to share all of this knowledge together in one place. 350 more words