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  • Continuing the migration into AWS. 15 servers have turned into 25 EC2 instances, two elasticache clusters, and one RDS multi-az instance. Nice clean logical division of functionality … and about 50% the monthly cost.
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Uploading GoDaddy SSL cert on AWS Load Balancer

So you have purchased an SSL certificate from GoDaddy and now you want to deploy it on the Amazon Load Balancer. This article assumes you generated the CSR before buying the certificate following the steps described  196 more words


Configuring AWS ELB to work with IIS Host Headers

After my previous experience with configuring AWS ELB to work with Windows Authentication (see http://cloudninjablog.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/configuring-aws-elb-to-work-with-windows-authentication/) , I thought it prudent not to assume it would work out-of-the box with IIS Host Headers.  229 more words

Add a box on a plot

I would like to highlight the bar at the right tail of the distribution of my data.
Since it is too small I suppose that the best way to do this is by adding a box with red margins around the bar (at 25.0 level on the x axis). 27 more words


Creating an ELB load balancer with private subnet instances in a VPC

I was facing massive issues with an ELB configuration which had the following set up:

  • All instance were part of an AWS VPC
  • Three subnets, one public, two privates…
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Happy Friday!

I know you see it so let’s go ahead and discuss that brownie.

Camryn put in a special request for brownies in her lunch because her friends were all bringing them. 116 more words

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