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Trimbur: "Composition and the Circulation of Writing"

Trimbur, John. “Composition and the Circulation of Writing.” CCC 52.2 (2000): 188-219. Web.

In this article, Trimbur argues that the isolation of writing from the material conditions of its production, resulting from the pressures and limits of the classroom as well as paternalistic relationships among teachers and students, neglects the complex situations in which writing circulates. 507 more words


X-Ray GIFs

It’s an x-ray GIF of a hand!

That’s about all I need to say. If you head over to WeissOrtho.com, you’ll be able to see a few more… 13 more words


It’s What Happiness Smells Like: MuLondon Organic White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream

“This is a powerful little hydrator for typically dry areas like elbows, knees and feet but I’ve used it pretty much everywhere else too. Around my nose when it’s a bit flaky. 77 more words


Music: Elbow

Some music simply strikes you; a revelation, it grips a part of your soul, and never lets go. It programs itself into your mind until you know the numerous intricacies which ebb and flow for a few glorious minutes before leaving you wanting more. 410 more words


Elbow: "About Voice and Writing"

Elbow, Peter. “About Voice and Writing.” Landmark Essays on Voice and Writing. Ed. Peter Elbow. Mahwah, NJ: Hermagoras Press, 1994. xi-xlvii.

In the longest introduction of all time, Peter Elbow makes a case for the teaching and value of voice in writing classes. 167 more words


What Is a Hyperextension Injury?

Joints in the human body normally have a fixed range of motion that involves both flexion (for example, folding your arm to your shoulder to create a zero-degree angle at the elbow) and extension (extending your arm out straight to create a 180-degree angle at the elbow). 461 more words

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