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I woke to find that the road had risen to meet the second floor.
Downstairs, the rain was spread across the street in that residual fashion. 29 more words

Mes Merize

Praying mantis on the screen outside my window, languorously cleaning herself — licking elbows to wipe around and across her ruby eyes, swiveling her triangular head — completely mesmerizes me, puts me in a spell as I observe for I don’t know how long, and then she tilts her head back to face me and we just watch each other. 32 more words

Dawn Sperber

The Queens birthday fights

Well as I said in my previous post everything seemed to be going wrong training for this fight! but all of it my own doing! Firstly I got some kind of tummy bug the week of the fight, I was in bits I even called in sick to work. 1,330 more words

My Oh Myers!!

OK, if you lean in real close and listen carefully, I’m going to tell you a secret.

You ready? Made peace with the universe and prepared to have your world rocked? 372 more words

CHS Wolves

Heart Chakra aka Anahata: Body Anatomy

Now was the turn of pectoralis minor.

It was the fourth chakra, the heart chakra called Anahata in Sanskrit; its body anatomy ready to dissolve itself by dissolving the frozen shoulder that a contracted pectoralis minor had caused through all the years of keeping the shoulders stiff to a considerable extent. 386 more words

Life is Good :-) ...and other updates.

Hellooo there!

So, I must say… life has been pretty awesome lately :-) Not that it wasn’t awesome before! It’s just even more awesome now. My new job is GREAT! 492 more words


Vaseline is a petroleum jelly is use to Skin softener

Vaseline removes the issues generated due to cold temperature. It is a type of petroleum jelly that is used as a lubricant. It prevents an individual from minor burns & cuts. 199 more words

Skin Care