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Day 219 - Peppermint Tea And Dry Elbows

Peppermint tea
for the rest of my life-
some things I know for sure,
for sure,

and probably always dry elbows-
what I shall be, shall be. 88 more words


PAX East 2014 Part 1

I went to PAX East today. I had a pretty good time. This was my third PAX in a row. I had been planning on getting a three day pass and going on both Saturday and Sunday, but by the time I learned the tickets were on sale way back in October, the three day passes had already sold out as well as Saturday. 401 more words



For anyone interested I just posted a new page where I’m gonna show x-rays from my dogs. I believe in posting my x-rays for anyone to see and judge for themselves. 54 more words


throwing elbows and the yelling aftermath.

if you saw the bruises on my legs you would think i was being beaten….. oh wait, i am. by a three year old who jumps on top of me elbows first, sharp, pointy, boney fucking elbows. 371 more words


Three spills and.. blood!

Amanda writes:     Forgive me father for I have sinned, It’s been TWO WEEKS since I last rode my bike…….! The planned week long break turned into two weeks at the blink of an eye so, as it was my turn to plan today’s ride, I thought I’d make it reasonably long but with as few big hills as possible so as to ease us back in gently – little did I know that Rachel & Susan had been out yesterday for a 46 mile haul! 132 more words

Summers are there so Darkened elbows, no more

If elbow pigmentation is bothering you, here’s a cure you can use.
Summer’s here and it’s time to get those tank tops out and pull those sleeves off! 116 more words


Elbows and earthworms

Elbows and earthworms, don’t think about them often do you? Without elbows you’d be left struggling to complete what would normally take you seconds. Try bringing a drink to your face, or washing your hair without bending your arms – not the easiest tasks all of a sudden. 228 more words