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You can’t be the savoir, the time for saving has long passed, but listen my son, one day it might be called upon you to be the Son of Mankind….

The Elder Scrolls Online players discover serious item duping exploit

The MMO’s in-game economy may have been disrupted by players making use of a bug.

An exploit in The Elder Scrolls Online allowing players to farm unlimited sums of gold has been discovered and is making waves today. 284 more words


Talking to Myself

My husband and Younger share their own language. They have entire conversations that only they understand.

I ignore them mostly.

But one can’t always.

So, every now and then, I hear Younger in another room say, using a growling voice and quoting John Pinette, “Get out of the line, get out of the line.” And from a different room, I hear my husband laugh. 265 more words

Elder Abuse Laws Gain Traction

Tennessee’s version of an elderly abuse law is gaining traction as it cleared the Senate this week, courtesy of Sen. Rusty Crowe (R). The goal is to put in place stronger safety mechanisms that will better protect the elderly and other adults with disabilities against abuse. 129 more words

The Steps Of A Leader (Kent Heaton)

The Steps Of A Leader

Bob Andrews defined the art of leadership in three ways: (1) knowing when to step up; (2) knowing when to step back; (3) knowing when to step aside. 1,263 more words

Milk and Oreos

Hey, Transfers happened…and…yea nothing changed. The whole district is the same, so we’ve got another six weeks to work in our areas.

     Over all this week was good. 186 more words