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(Don’t!) Watch Where You’re Walking!

As toddlers we’ve probably all heard “Watch were you’re walking!”.  But as adults this can be a very dangerous thing to do and here’s why. 515 more words

Thoughts From The Treatment Table

Aging (NaPoWriMo day 18...and counting down)

She feels the years with the rain so wet
Island girl she casts her net
So many days have come to pass
She knows on life the sun shall soon set. 182 more words


Destruction of Occupational Pensions by Politicians

According to the government the pensions crisis – and UK has among the worst pensions in Europe – is because there are too many of us living too long. 75 more words

Work till you drop isn't the future - it is happening now.

It seems so innocuous, putting the pension back a few years, for women from 60, to 68. We are all living longer. That is a fact. 985 more words


Our Project

“The Walker Project” We are a group of 9 from Westtown School in PA, working in a design and engineering class focused on innovation based projects. 106 more words


When the time comes

Something I have always known for certain is that old people are not really old.  They are young people whose bodies have not kept up.  One day, if I am lucky to live long enough, I will also be old and young. 568 more words