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The true story behind my true stories--my monumental valentines day

Sometimes Valentine’s day stinks. Maybe it’s just because the world thinks everyone needs a date and romance or they’re to be pitied, but I’ll be honest. 1,432 more words


I swear to god some doctors are terrible at there jobs. My bf’s grandmother was told to fast for 12 hours for blood tests. She has… 66 more words

How Older Adults React to Adversity

According to Stoic philosopher Epictetus, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” Older adults may have an edge in reacting to adversity in a sanguine manner. 224 more words


taking care of our seniors

What can we do to help improve the lives of the millions of “invisible” AAPI elderly in the U.S.?

(An edited version of this article… 1,878 more words


Love is...

Love is using a clothes peg to fasten a tea towel onto your husband’s collar so he doesn’t spill food onto his clothes.

Another day at Marlow House and I met a lovely elderly couple called Ted and Betty.

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Med Student


Age can be an amazing thing which brings wisdom, respect and experience. But it can sadly also mean loss of dignity and losing what makes you you. 713 more words


The overwhelming feeling of being consumed has taken over lately! I have been consumed with decisions for elderly parents. Consumed with my own personal life, or shall I say the lack of how I should be living my life! 282 more words