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Three days to go...

If you read this, then please receive it in the spirit it is written. I am not a well-reasoned person, whatever I may think, but I do have passion and emotion. 472 more words

Classic: The Lion In Winter - ***


The Lion In Winter is a fascinating movie about King Henry II of England, his wife Eleanor of Aqutiaine and their three sons Richard The Lionheart, John Lackland and Geoffrey, Duke of Burgundy. 561 more words


fifty shades of…12th century England

Forgive the “fifty shades” reference. I almost called this “fifty shades of de Grey” – de Grey being the surname of main character Sir Henry in… 1,407 more words

Richard The Lionheart

Composer Biography: Bernart de Ventadorn (c1130-c1200)

Also Bernard de Ventadour, Bernat dei Ventadorn, and, in our times, the Master Singer.

Bernart de Ventadorn was one of the best-known troubadour composers, partly because so many of his works survive intact, partly because of his influence on the music of both troubadours (southern France) and trouvères (northern France), and partly because of the company he kept. 1,120 more words


My Notes from Episode 1 of 'The Plantagenets' Shown on BBC 17.03.2014

All 15 Plantagenet kings were supposedly descended from the Countess of Anjou.

Family politics and dynastic ambition.

War, justice, parliament and architecture.

Anjou (West France) 12th century. 628 more words


random moments in a life...

I have a new roof! Here’s hoping the water leak from the chimney is a thing of the past. Next up: replacing warped flooring and checking for further damage inside the house. 423 more words

Battle Scars